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China Eastern Airlines (MU): A brief History, Destinations, Passenger Services and more!

China Eastern Airlines (MU) Passenger Services and more
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China Eastern Airlines (MU)

“World-Class Hospitality with Eastern Charm.”

Gracing the list of the World’s Top 100 Airlines at 2017 World Airline Awards by Skytrax, China Eastern Airlines has proved why it is among the best in the world. When measured in terms of passengers served, China Eastern Airlines (MU) is the second largest carrier of China operating scores of international, regional, and domestic flight routes. The airline has two major hubs – Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It has secondary airport hubs at Beijing, Xi’an, Kunming, and Qingdao.

A brief history of China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines (MU) was established by the former Civil Aviation Administration of China in the year 1988. The airline stake is majorly owned by the Chinese Government with the rest of it being held publicly. Along with its subsidiary Shanghai Airlines, China Eastern Airlines (MU) became a member of the reputed airline alliance SkyTeam. Through an extensive air network, the airline reaches multiple destinations across the world. China Eastern Airlines flights to India are among the most in-demand ones and Indian Eagle travel agency booked the cheapest of these.

Destinations China Eastern Airlines serves

China Eastern Airlines (MU) incredibly serves 1,052 destinations spread across 177 countries across the world. China Eastern Airlines flights to USA are among the most frequently booked ones. Other destinations the airlines reaches include Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bahrain, Italy, and Switzerland in addition to several others. China Eastern Airlines (MU) has codeshare agreements with Air France, Aeroflot, British Airways, Jet Airways, Delta Air Lines, and Virgin America among other airlines.

China Eastern Airlines Fleet

Possessing 489 aircraft, China Eastern Airlines (MU) operates one of the biggest airline fleets in the world. The fleet is a mix of various models of Airbus, Boeing, and Comac aircraft. The airline ensures to customize its fleet to provide maximum comfort to passengers on flight journeys. China Eastern Airlines (MU) has placed an order of more than 250 aircraft which it is yet to receive.

Services offered by China Eastern Airlines

  • Cabin

China Eastern Airlines First Class cabin offers flat, spacious, bed-style seats with plenty of legroom and privacy. Passengers can enjoy a duvet, pillows, and excellent onboard catering among other services. You will enjoy the same type of seats if book China Eastern Airlines Business Class flights as well. China Eastern Airlines Economy Class comes with its own set of comforts offering a reasonable seat pitch and plenty of legroom. China Eastern Airlines reviews have been positive when it comes to the travel classes of the airline.

  • Eastern Miles

The frequent flyer program of China Eastern Airlines (MU), Eastern Miles offers the chance for passengers to enroll for free. Members can earn miles not just through flights but by usage of China Eastern credit card as well. These miles can be used to get upgraded to Elite. Elite membership of the program is further divided into three levels – Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

  •  China Eastern Airlines Lounges

China Eastern Airlines (MU) operates China Eastern Lounges all across China. Passengers of First and Business class flights have access to these lounges as do members of the airline’s Eastern Miles program. For more details on China Eastern Lounges and its partner airline lounges, check the airline’s website. You can also check your China Eastern Airlines flight status there.

  • Inflight Entertainment

China Eastern Airlines offers a wide range of meal options to all its passengers, maintaining the best food quality. Passengers have the option of ordering special meals based on medical issues, religious inclinations or any specific dietary needs. Passengers flying with China Eastern Airlines can put meal requests choosing from Baby Meals, Kosher Meal, Toddler Meal, Fruit Platter Meal, Gluten Free Meal, Vegetarian Jain Meal, Muslim Meal and Diabetic Meal

  • Inflight Food Service

China Eastern Airlines (MU) offers the best quality food to passengers of all travel classes. Passengers also have the option to order special meals depending on religious inclinations, medical issues, or dietary needs. Some of these special meals are Baby Meal, Toddler Meal, Kosher Meal, Gluten Free Meal, Fruit Platter Meal, Vegetarian Jain Meal, Muslim Meal, Hindu Meal, and Diabetic Meal among several other options.

  • Special Assistance

China Eastern Airlines (MU) offers special assistance to disabled passengers, those with medical issues, unaccompanied minors, and pregnant women among others. Wheelchair assistance is also offered by China Eastern Airlines and you can check their website for details on how to request for it. China Eastern Airlines check in is also made easier for such passengers.

  • Baggage Allowance

China Eastern Airlines baggage allowance differs in all travel classes. First Class passengers are permitted two carry-on baggage items while Business and Economy Class passengers are permitted one carry-on baggage item each. The weight of carry-on baggage must not exceed 10 kg irrespective of travel class. Check China Eastern Airlines (MU) website for details on checked baggage, lost/damaged baggage, delayed baggage, and prohibited items among other things.

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