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Cathay Pacific (CX): A brief History, Destinations, Passenger Services and more!

Cathay Pacific Passenger Services and more
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Cathay Pacific (CX)

“Life Well Travelled.”

At the 28th Annual TTG Travel Awards 2017, Cathay Pacific Airlines was honored with the Best Airline Business Class award taking its popularity even further. The airline has already won the title of being the World’s Best Airline four times so far. Hong Kong’s reputed flag carrier, Cathay Pacific is a top international airline and among the most reputed ones in the word. Together, with its subsidiary Cathay Dragon, the airline serves various destinations across the world. Hong Kong International Airport is its main hub. The reputed Oneworld Alliance recognizes the airline as one of its founding members.

A brief history of Cathay Pacific

In the year 1946, Cathay Pacific (CX) was founded by an American and an Australian by the names of Roy C. Farrell and Sydney H. de Kantzow respectively. In the year 1998, Cathay Pacific made a flight over the North Pole which is recognized as the first non-stop transpolar flight in the world. It was also the first flight of Cathay Pacific (CX) to land at the Hong Kong International Airport which was brand new then. Within a short span of time, the airline became one of the most popular ones in the world and earned quite a few loyal flyers.

Destinations Cathay Pacific serves

With an incredibly well-developed Asian network, Cathay Pacific (CX) serves, including cargo, about 76 destinations in the world. These destinations are spread over five continents and are located in 45 countries and other territories. Cathay Pacific flights to India are among the most popular ones and you can book the cheapest of these flights with Indian Eagle travel agency. They book the cheapest Cathay Pacific flights to USA as well. The airline uses codeshare partnerships to serve 10 French cities. Using Cathay Dragon, the airline serves around 17 or more destinations in China.

Cathay Pacific Fleet

The fleet owned and operated by Cathay Pacific (CX) is an all-wide-body one designed to provide maximum comfort to its passengers. There are about 146 aircraft in the fleet and all are various models of Airbus and Boeing aircraft. The wide body of the aircraft makes it convenient for it to be equipped with facilities and services that ensure flyers have a hassle-free and pleasant flight journey.

Services offered by Cathay Pacific

  • Loyalty Programs

There are two major loyalty programs that Cathay Pacific (CX) offers customers. One of the loyalty programs is the Marco Polo Club also known a The Club. The other is a travel reward program known as Asia Miles. Once you become a member of the Marco Polo Club, you will automatically be enrolled as members of Asia Miles.

  • Cabin

Since the year 2011, Cathay Pacific (CX) has consistently been phasing in posh cabin interiors on all aircraft. The seats in First Class are equipped with massage facilities and can be converted into fully flat beds. Business class travel on Cathay Pacific flights is an altogether amazing experience where you will enjoy space as well as comfort facilities. Premium Economy and Economy Class come with benefits of their own and make surviving long-haul flights easier.

  • Business Plus Program

Encouraging business class travel, this is one of the best services offered by Cathay Pacific airlines. The airline rewards companies that use Cathay Pacific as well as Cathay Dragon for their business-related travel. The company and its employees are rewarded by the airline through this 5-tier program. You can unlock new rewards as you reach new tiers one by one.

  • Inflight Entertainment

Cathay Pacific (CX) airline offers a personal TV that comes with every seat. Passengers can enjoy watching the latest Hollywood flicks, Western and Asian TV shows, play games, or listen to music. For those who love reading, the airline offers a wide range of global newspapers and magazines to skim through. You can also browse through Discovery, the award winning magazine of Cathay Pacific.

  • Inflight Food Service

Cathay Pacific Airlines is among the best when it comes to food services on board. Beverages (including alcohol) and food are complimentary on every Cathay Pacific flight. For long-haul flights, generally two meals are served accompanied by free alcoholic drinks.

  • Disability and Mobility Assistance

Cathay Pacific (CX) and its subsidiary have trained staff excellently to provide assistance to passengers with mobility issues and/or other disabilities. Contact their Reservation Office to request for whatever type of assistance you need. You will be aided with a wheelchair should you need one in addition to any other assistance required as well as helped board and deboard the airplane.

  • Medical Assistance

The airline does not provide any kind of medical portable electronic devices but it permits passengers to carry their own on board provided prior notice has been given. The passenger must have MEDA clearance that he/she is fit to fly without any assistance and poses no threat to fellow passengers or to himself/herself.

  • Special Assistance

Apart from permitting elderly passengers to bring mobility aids on board, Cathay Pacific (CX) offers faster check-in for them when boarding from Hong Kong International Airport. Pregnant women who’ve crossed 28 weeks of pregnancy are required to carry a medical certificate clearing them as fit to fly. The airline also offers assistance to those traveling with kids and/or pets. Check their website for details on these.

  • Baggage Allowance

Passengers are allowed one piece of free baggage to bring into the cabin. The permitted weight of free baggage varies with different travel classes. Permitted weight and quantity of checked baggage also varies depending on the travel classes. Marco Polo Club members are entitled to extra baggage allowance details of which you can check on the airline’s website.

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