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Here are the top 3 Best Places to live in Los Angeles

Places to live in Los Angeles
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Los Angeles is a city full of fanatic place that has so many highways that look beautiful when seen from top of the city. There are some seedy suburbs, coastlines, high-gloss neighborhoods and extremely happening lifestyle. You will find sandy shores and beaches on one side while the other side is for those high snowcapped mountains that stand as tall as 10,000ft. Los Angeles is everything to the extremes and to be here for vacationing is like a dream come true for many people all around the world. Places to stay in Los Angeles by the beach are surely innumerable but then since this article has to end at an extent, we have decided to make sure to cut down the places and choose the best ones for you. So scroll down this page with me, Aara, your travel guide and tips expert to know about the places.

“Where do I stay in Los Angeles?” 


You have to be a little choosy when it comes to staying at places because it is not easy to choose a place in such a vast city. Taking that fact into consideration, I would say Downtown is a best place to stay in Los Angeles. The place is gracefully well built over the historical remains. Find some magnificent entertaining complex, the LA Live, expensive shopping centers, high-end restaurants, theaters and what not in this place! Oh! And the clubs too! Right from plush hotels to basic beds, you can see the ranges rising from rags to riches as per the demand. Even the public transport is pretty convenient.


Hollywood is like a dream come true and is a best place to stay in Los Angeles. Ever since the movies and heroes have become popular, Hollywood has become a charm to everyone and attracts innumerable people round the year. But that is what you see it as, right now. Previously, this place was nothing but a place that was densely populated, had residential neighborhoods and was not a place for all those fancy movie actors at all. People here had low incomes. They lived here only because they could afford this cheap hilly area. Look what has become of it now!


Beyond Hollywood, there is something called West LA. Now the best part of this place is that it contains the most expensive and heavenly neighborhoods in the entire city. Perfect landscape to make your day, amazing places to hangout and a comfortable ambiance is what this place has to offer you. No wonder it is another best place to stay in Los Angeles. There is Santa Monica Mountains in the North, Santa Monica Freeway to the South, Hollywood to the East and some of the most soothing and relaxing beaches in the west. Yes! It is the best place to stay in Los Angeles. I can see your mind is made up. Be it boutiques to calm you down or Beverly Hills or the Getty Center that is located on the heights above the basins of Los Angeles. Los Angeles has West LA as a big time support. You would even get to see the finest restaurants, stores and galleries which offer you the most magnificent and marvelous pieces of art and items that you could only dream of. Even the community present in this best place to stay in Los Angeles is liberal and friendly. The place holds its ocean-side charm very proudly with elegance and poise.

Come see LA’s craziest place, Venice where there is a fusion of historical remnants combined with some of the coolest things to be seen. Graffiti, crackers, wall-arts, street-arts, tough games, tomboy feels and what not! Ah, life is all crazy and filled with some high positive energy and madness. Then comes Malibu! Yes the one from the song by Miley Cyrus! Malibu is a very beautiful place fit for surfing and for beach-soaking. It has some amazing surfing stores that are almost dilapited, some amazing fast food stores, amazing bay line and all of it is situated near the Pacific coastline. So these were some of the most amazing places that I would suggest you to visit and stay in for a while. Choose your best place to stay in Los Angeles wisely. Indian Eagle is always here to book your cheap flights for you. Adios!

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