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Tips for buying the best Travel Insurance for USA from India

Travel Insurance for USA from India
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If you’ve ever wondered if there were any tips for buying the best travel insurance for USA from India, you wouldn’t be the first one to do so. Travel insurance is a boon if you are constantly traveling to the USA or anywhere else for that matter. One of the best travel insurance tips is to try purchasing travel insurance right before your departure to places that cover a medical insurance, free medical stays if necessary and an emergency flight service to get you back home whenever needed. Don’t think about how long or short your trip or the distance is. Think about how safe you can be if you invest a little in travel insurance. So having travel insurance for USA from India or any international trip is always advisable.

An important thing to know is that medical expenses are costlier in other countries than in India. To exemplify, if you have a major finger cut and need to get it stitched, it might hardly cost you 3000/- rupees in India but if you bill it in USA, it will cost you nearly 40-50 times more. So make sure to have your medical insurance also with you along with travel insurance for USA from India in order to save yourself from a burning pocket. Make it a part of your travel insurance when you book economy or business class flights for your next trip.

Tips on When and Why to Buy Travel Insurance for USA from India:

  • Burglary! The risk of burglary is something everyone is afraid of whenever we leave our homes alone. So make sure to have a travel insurance handy in case of theft as that might cover your expenses and you can also use it in case of luggage thefts during your trips.
  • Imagine you have prepaid a huge amount of money and you need to cancel your trip! Cancellation insurance pops up right when you need it if you have it.
  • Supplemental insurance covers up for you on your renter’s policy while you are away vacationing. This is again a great advantage you have when you purchase travel insurance for USA from India.
  • Road trips are very much fun but you can make them secured too if you have a liability insurance. If you are renting a car then the rental agencies provide you with such insurances that provide cover in case of damage to the vehicles or people.
  • Apart from all these, why wouldn’t you want to own travel insurance for USA from India when you can get the chance of availing so much from it?


Factors Contributing to Formation of Travel Insurance for USA from India:

  • Insured Amount: If you have insured a high amount then the policy or the premium that you opt for will be costly. Check the best travel insurance India has to offer and choose a plan which best suits your travel needs.
  • Kind of plan: There are a number of varieties when it comes to travel insurance for USA from India. We must choose a plan depending on factors such as whether our trip is a single trip or a multi-trip or if we are seniors or students. You get to choose your premiums as per your eligibility.
  • Coverage: In scenarios where you are out for adventurous trips like trekking or sky-diving, leaving home for a longer time, or if you have anything else to add to your trips, make sure to get coverage for them too as they get covered in the premium packs you choose. In case you are carrying a very expensive item then get insurance cover for that as well even though it might cost you a bit high.
  • Duration: Premium charges go higher if you are out on a trip for a longer time. So expect these charges to be more on travel insurance for USA from India for longer trips.
  • Destination: Travel insurance for USA, Canada, and similar countries is a bit costlier because medical expenses are higher in such places. So you need to consult and compare many companies for travel insurance for USA or other such countries.
  • Age and Health: The older you are, more the chances of you having health issues. You might already have a prescribed list of drugs but that can also increase your premium package price. However, there is no such insurance cover for travelers who are alcoholic or drug-addicts.

Best Travel Insurance for USA from India:

Now that you have a clear idea about what to and what not to purchase, look for some top companies that offer best travel insurance for USA and other countries from India. Choose as per your own comfort and affordability. If you are concerned more about the medical expenses then I suggest you choose TATA AIG travel insurance, ICICI Lombard travel insurance, Royal Sundaram, and Oriental United. If you are looking for add-ons like liability and cancellation then Bajaj Allianz travel insurance, Cholamandalam, New India, Apollo Munich, and Star Health are most preferred ones.

Some others you can consider include Reliance travel insurance, LIC travel insurance, and Religare travel insurance. You can always compare prices to find the best ones possible and buy the best travel insurance for USA from India.

Book cheap flight tickets with Indian Eagle and choose the best travel insurance for USA from India. This is all you need to do for a great trip. You can book cheap last minute flights as well. Express your views about this in the comments section below and do not forget to like and share this article if you find it useful.

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