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Your Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Frequent Flyer Program

Frequent flyer program
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What is the best frequent flyer program? The answer depends on your preferences. You can check the benefits of various airlines and then pick one that might be advantageous for you. All the top airlines in the world that offer cheap international flight deals also provide their loyal customers with an opportunity to enjoy rewards. Air carriers design frequent flyer programs to attract more passengers and reward them for traveling regularly through that particular carrier. 

What is a frequent flyer program?

frequent flyer programs
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In simple terms, a frequent flyer program is a type of loyalty program that is offered by airlines. Many air carriers offer carefully curated programs in order to enroll more passengers who can accumulate points. These points can later be redeemed to avail discounts for future air travel. 

If you travel frequently, you should make sure you choose the same airline for all your trips. This will not just give you excellent customer service but you might also benefit from seat upgrades, discounts, etc. that are offered by the airline. Apart from this, some carriers might also send you alerts for when to book flights, any ongoing offers, and a lot more. 

If you are wondering what are the best airline frequent flyer programs? Here are some top picks that you can choose when traveling on flights to USA or anywhere in the world. 

  1. SkyMiles- Delta Air Lines
  2. AAdvantage- American Airlines
  3. MileagePlus- United Airlines
  4. Mileage Plan- Alaska Airlines

SkyMiles- Delta Air Lines

Previously known as Delta Air Lines Frequent Flyer Program, Skymiles from Delta Air Lines is one of the most preferred frequent flyer programs among US travelers. If you fly through Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Detroit, or Minneapolis airport, this is the best airline frequent flyer program for you. You will require 25,000 qualifying miles or at least 30 qualifying segments every year to get elite status. The best thing about this program is that your miles will never expire. Also, you may earn elite status even without flying but the catch is that you’ll have to splurge a lot using your Delta credit card. Top elite members even get upgrade certificates along with 25,000 bonus miles. 

AAdvantage- American Airlines

With a membership of more than 100 million passengers, AAdvantage from American Airlines is one of the best frequent flyer programs in the world. It is ideal if you use the Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami airport for traveling. To attain elite status on AAdvantage, you will either need 25,000 qualifying miles or 30 qualifying segments in a calendar year. You’ll enjoy the benefit of earning miles with 1,000+ partner companies. Also, top members get 4 upgrades every year on flights operated by American Airlines. 

MileagePlus- United Airlines

MileagePlus is one of the few frequent flyer programs that have continued to serve passengers despite a merger. It also introduced a revenue-based model in the year 2015. If you want to be an elite MileagePlus member, you shall have 25,000 qualifying miles or at least 30 qualifying segments in a calendar year. Through United Airlines extensive network, you can travel to 1,100+ destinations across the world to earn and redeem miles. You also have an opportunity to get 6 upgrades annually as a top-tier elite member. 

Mileage Plan- Alaska Airlines

Mileage Plan from Alaska Airlines is one of the most unique frequent flyer programs in the USA. It lets passengers earn miles based on the distance they have traveled instead of the price of their flight tickets. And this is great news for its loyal customers as they can easily earn more free flights and become elite members quickly. You will need just 20,000 eligible miles to get elite status in a calendar year. This is not a revenue-based program, so you can earn or even spend your miles on various partner airlines such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines, etc. 

These are some of the best frequent flyer programs that you can opt for this year. Enrolling in any one of them will not only let you enjoy benefits such as lounge access but can also let you get tickets at discounted prices. Also, Indian Eagle flight deals are another great way to save money when you are traveling from the USA to India. 

Indian Eagle is a top flight travel agency that not just offers cheap international flight tickets but it also offers excellent customer support. You can also enroll in their rewards program to earn Indian Eagle rewards. Redeem these when purchasing flight tickets in the future in order to earn further discounts.

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