Indian American Schoolboy Akhil Kondepudi Wins USA National Brain Bee Championship 2018

Indian American teens are sweeping awards everywhere from US government competitions like Congressional App Challenge, US Presidential Scholar Awards to beauty pageants, poet laureates, spelling bee championship and American TV reality shows. While the Indian Diaspora is tuned to American Idol Season 15 for listening to the two Indian American contestants, three Indian American high school students occupied the first three spots in the US National Brain Been Championship.

Indian American Akhil Kondepudi, a high school student, was recently declared the winner of the US National Brain Bee Championship, which was held at the University of Maryland’s School of Dentistry. Akhil Kondepudi, a resident of St Louis in Missouri, successfully competed with other 53 regional-level Brain Bee winners from the United States and took the top prize home.

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Minneapolis-based Indian American Hemanth Asirvatham ranked second in the US National Brain Bee Championship. The third prize went to Indian American Sehej Bindra in New Jersey. Hemanth Asirvatham and Sehej Bindra were given $1000 and $500 respectively. More 4 out of the 10 winners are from the Indian Community in America.

The rest four Indian Americans out of the 10 selected in the US National Brain Been Championship are Sneha Shinde from Ohio, Aayush Setty from Atlanta, Veda Chanda from Pennsylvania, and Lasya Kambhampati from Kansas City.

The winner of the 11th edition of US National Brain Bee Championship, St Louis-based Akhil Kondepudi got an award of $1500 along with internship in a world-class neuroscience lab. Being winner, he will shoulder the responsibility of representing the United States at the World Bran Bee Championship which will be held in Berlin in July 2018.

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The US Brain Bee Championship, an official regional version of the International Brain Bee competition, is held during the Brain Awareness Week in March every year. It assesses high school contestants’ knowledge of the human brain on various aspects like intelligence, emotions, memory, vision, hearing, sleep, sensations, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, addition, etc.

The multilevel assessment of high school students’ knowledge of human brain involves a neuroanatomy laboratory practical exam, a diagnosis of real human brains, and brain MRI imaging identification. Instituted 20 years ago by Dr. Norbert Myslinski, the International Brain Bee Championship seeks to make young students learn about the human brain, study clinical neurosciences and invent better cures for cerebral ailments. The motto is to build more fertile, agile brains to treat brain disorders.

Recently, 12-year-old Raghav Dandi from Vermond, Florida won the regional Scripps Spelling Bea Contest. Nyasa Modi of Frisco and Abhijay Kodali of Flower Mound in Texas are the winner duo of the 60th annual Golden Chic Dallas Regional Spelling Bee contest. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for upcoming updates about the Indian community in USA. – Indian Eagle

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