Tips on How to Fall in Love with Hills Again

“Nature’s heart beats strong amid the hills”. At times, we forget it and turn a deaf ear to the calls of hills while going rounds in a circle and sitting in a cubicle at workplace. Time throws some dust over our memory of travel to the hills, makes our passion for adventure in the hills hibernate under the spell of monotony, and blindfolds our minds till something reminds you of your love for hills. Indian Eagle shares some tips to help you know your love for hills and when you should travel to hills.

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If the sunset or sunrise reminds you of the pictures of nature which you used to draw with pastel colors in childhood, evidently you are a hill tourist. The recollection of childhood over the pictures of sunset and sunrise in the hills is a symptom of your longing for travel to hills.

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When it rains, you can’t help thinking of forested hills with lush green landscape and wavy meadows. You badly miss the aura of freshness that every nook and corner of a hill station exudes during the rains. The damp smell of the ground makes you feel restless to visit the hills.

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Nothing gives you kicks more than adventure travel in the hills. If YouTube videos of skiing, river rafting, paragliding and hiking in the hills, or shows of adventure travel on TV channels entertain you the most, only hill stations can rejuvenate the adventurer in you and revive your mettle.

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Whenever you are stung by loneliness, you feel like traveling to a hill station, sitting on a piece of rock by a stream, and having some time with yourself. It is only travel to the hills that balms your lonely mind and lets it be at peace with you.

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The thrill of driving in the hills is what you can’t put in words to others. The inexplicable joy of driving on hilly tracks calls you for road trips in the hills again and again. When you get stuck amidst vehicular traffic in the city, you badly miss free-spirited driving in company of your friends who are die-hard bikers.

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Hope you remember, you had done pointing of various geographical locations on the maps of India when you were in school. No geographical location is as diverse as a hill station. The hill stations of India boast multiple geographical features from hillocks to streams and waterfalls. Exploring diversity of the hills has always been an obsession with you.

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If solemnity of hills makes you thoughtful, if vivacity of streams rejuvenates your senses, if beauty of hilly landscapes fires up your imagination, and if serene ambience of hill stations calms your inner self, be sure that you are born to travel to the hills.

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You might have heard the tales of mountain railway journeys in India from your grandparents when you were a child. You used to fancy yourself riding toy trains in the Himalayas while listening to those bedtime stories. Now is the time to live those fancies in reality by traveling on mountain railways in the hills.

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What can give an overwhelming feel of ease other than sipping into a hot cup of tea at a high altitude? It warms up the body and the senses when the temperature dips. Besides, having a cup of tea or coffee and looking out to the hills is a wonderful experience that only those who travel to hill stations can share.

India is the ultimate destination for romance, adventure, biking, trekking and photography in the Himalayas when it comes to traveling to hills. Buy cheap flight tickets to India from and make your air travel a lot cheaper.

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