Adventure & Romance are Two Reasons to Visit Gangtok in Summer

Nature is calm somewhere and wild somewhere. It provides space both for romance and adventure – the most popular holiday activities that quench vacationers’ thirst for excitement. If you are looking to visit such a tourist destination that offers equal opportunities for romance and adventure, our recommendation is Gangtok, one of the Himalayan hill stations in India.

A prime destination on the map of India tourism, Gangtok the capital of Sikkim embodies mesmerizing Himalayan beauty in forms of natural artifices. With Kanchenjunga, the world’s third highest mountain, as the backdrop, this hill station in north-east India is alive and kicking for romance seekers as well as adventure freaks. Feeling itchy to know why we are so eloquent about Gangtok?

Hill stations of India. Gangtok trip, adventure activities in Gangtok, adventure destinations in India

You might have read many poems and written paragraphs on mountain. You might have learnt lessons on strength and determination from mountains. The snow-covered Kanchenjunga is no exception when it comes to learning forbearance from it. You can take lessons on romance by admiring the snowy beauty of Kanchenjunga and meditating on the point where the mountain peak touches the sky.

Wake up just before the first light of the sun hits earth, feel the serenity of nature, breath in freshness of the environment, listen to soft music of the cool breeze, watch the gradual rise of the sun, penetrate the veil of mist to catch glimpses of the hilly green, and drink to the romance of the moment. Live the moment with your spouse sitting together and holding each other’s hands!

Hill stations of India. Gangtok trip, adventure activities in Gangtok, adventure destinations in India

The harmony of beauty and romance and joy is deeply felt in the serenity of Gangtok. The gripping glimpses of such rare harmony hang over Changu Lake on Gangtok Nathu La Pass. At the height of 12,000ft, the lake is the place to feel romantic at heart and rejuvenate romance with your spouse, regardless of age. 1 km long and 15 meters deep, the lake is a beauty spot on the scenic landscape.

Gangtok is full of kicking as one of the best adventure destinations in the Himalayan region. The thrill of touring this city springs from indulgence in adventure activities such as trekking, water rafting, yak safari, mountain biking and hang gliding. Wake up the adventure freak in you, make adventurous escapes and feel the adrenalin rush.

Hill stations of India. Gangtok trip, adventure activities in Gangtok, adventure destinations in India

White river rafting is a thrilling sport on the Teesta River for the adventuresome. When the Teesta is in full swing, river rafting gives unlimited thrill. Mountain biking to reach Lachung at the altitude of 9600 ft while exploring Gangtok all the way is an ultimate adventure. Hang gliding is another source of enthrallment for adventure-loving travel enthusiasts. With many trekking routes, Gangtok is next to no other hill station in India.

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