Philippine Airlines inflight meals and entertainment services

Philippine Airlines, the national carrier of the Philippines in the South Asia Pacific region, has been offering world-class inflight services to flyers for years. Knowing about the services available to passengers on board helps to book seats in the right travel class as per their travel needs during the flight. Find the details of Philippine Airlines’ inflight food and entertainment services.

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A trip by Philippine Airlines is akin to a great gastronomic experience in the sky, for Business Class travelers. The flyers are treated to a lavish menu of Western, Filipino and Japanese delights in the Business Class of Philippine Airlines, on a few specific routes. The dishes are selected and prepared by the airline’s culinary experts in compliance with the international inflight service standards. Philippine Airlines occasionally hosts food festivals in the sky and invites reputed chefs to entertain the premier flyers with the best culinary choices. Apart from regular special meals, the airline offers a fair selection of inflight beverages in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic categories. Red wine, white wine, whiskey, gin, brandy, rum, cognac, champagne, scotch and beer are served on board.

The inflight meal service is more or less the same in the Economy Class of Philippine Airlines. The selection of alcoholic beverages offered to the Economy Class travelers is comparatively narrow.

Philippine Airlines takes care of travelers’ entertainment needs in all travel classes. The cabins are equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual monitor screens. The infrastructure of the new B777-300ERs integrates the Panasonic eX2 entertainment system in the whole cabin. Thales’ i5000 IFE System dishes out entertainment to the travelers flying in the B747 aircraft. The flyers can access a complete archive of audio-visual content in both Business and Economy classes. A personal monitor with audio video on demand (AVOD) feature is integrated to each seat in the cabins.

The AVOD system enables flyers to choose from a huge collection of digital entertainment options like games, movies, music and news. They can control the display and duration of programs using the touch-screen control. Philippine Airlines’ Business Class seats are equipped with 15.4 inch monitors.

Philippines Airlines offers “Flights of Fancy”, an exclusive inflight entertainment program, which makes viewing, listening and reading a joy in the sky. “Flights of Fancy” is a compilation of the latest Hollywood and Filipino films, movies, programs, and music albums. Passengers can take their picks from the collection and create personalized playlists. They can read on-screen instructions in four different languages – English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Those who love reading when on the move can have a good time on Philippine Airlines’ flights. The airline offers several business, travel, fashion, sports, food and news magazines in English and other foreign languages to the First and Business Class travelers on international flights. “Mabuhay” is Philippine Airlines’ monthly inflight magazine, available in all travel classes. Besides, flyers can stay updated on the latest happenings in the world, through newspapers available on Philippine Airlines flights.

Philippine Airlines may revise its inflight meals and entertainment services at any time and without notification. books international trips with Philippine Airlines at the lowest airfare and provides 24×7 customer support.

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