Indian American Scientist Arnab De Wins Springer Theses Award for Outstanding Research

After the Washington University lecturer Keya Sen from the Indian-American Bengali community in the US, New York based Indian American scientist Arnab De shot to fame. His research and development work on a critical tumor-suppressor fetched him the prestigious Springer Theses Award. Arnab Dey developed transgenic mice, based on his research, to study the tumor-suppressor called A20.

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New York’s Columbia University nominated Arnab De’s thesis for the Springer Theses Award. Springer is a leading global publisher of scientific journals, books and research papers. It awards the thesis prize to recognize excellence of research theses by PhD students across the globe. Leading international institutes and universities select and nominate the best thesis for annual publication by Springer.

Those whose research theses are published in a book series, “Springer Theses: Recognizing Outstanding PhD Research,” receive a cash prize of 500 euros each. Besides, the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) also features the awarded theses. EMBO chooses to feature only the research work of ‘fundamental relevance to a general readership.’

Indian American scientist Arnab De dedicated his outstanding PhD thesis to legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and his alma mater, Presidency University in Kolkata. He has been influenced the most by sports and education in his life. He looks upon Sachin Tendulkar as the most inspirational figure among sports personalities and regards Presidency University as a prestigious seat of academic excellence.

It was none but Arnab De in the team of scientists that designed a ‘nanovehicle’ to drive drugs straight to diseased tissues or ailing organs without affecting healthy organs and tissues with possible side effects. The nano device could prevent side effects of therapeutic treatments for deadly diseases. He along with other scientists conducted the research on nanovehicle at Professor Subho Majumdar’s laboratory at the University of Delhi.

Arnab De also received the Young Investigator Award at the American Peptide Symposium for having developed peptide-based prodrugs as therapeutics for diabetes before. His recent fame of being a Springer Theses awardee spread like a wild fire because the 2007 Noble Peace prize winner Ole John Nielsen described the Springer Award as an ‘insanely great honor’ in 2012.

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