Emirates Launches Much-awaited Premium Economy to Make Travel Cheaper than Business, Better than Economy

Of late, a woman traveler’s voice in the New York Times’ ethics column took everyone aback. She wrote about her ordeal of traveling in economy with kids, while her husband takes to the fancy of flying in luxury as he pays for his First Class travel or gets an upgrade from Business Class for himself though they travel together. It is primarily because he finds business class flight tickets too expensive to afford for the entire family. Netizens called this strange, unfair, and iniquitous.

Premium Economy comes into play where long-haul business class travel breaks the bank. It is the middle-of-the-road travel class between Economy and Business. It suits both, business travelers on a budget and economy travelers willing to pay a little more for added comfort. Premium Economy tickets cost a little more than economy class airfares and less than business class flight deals online.

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What are Emirates’ Premium Economy destinations in India and USA?

Finally, Emirates raised the curtain over its Premium Economy flights to India. Emirates’ flagship double-decker A380 will offer Premium Economy service on flights to Mumbai and Bengaluru starting October 29 this year. Currently, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Paris, London, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland are the destinations of Emirates’ A380 flights with Premium Economy. This brand new service with competitive edges over other airlines, will be available to Houston and Los Angeles starting in July 2023.

Interestingly, Emirates itineraries for Premium Economy flights between USA and India are similar to Air India’s Premium Economy flights between SFO and Bengaluru, SFO and Mumbai, and New York JFK and Mumbai. Come November 2023, you will be able to travel on Emirates flights with Premium Economy service on the following US to India routes:

  • San Francisco to Mumbai and Bengaluru
  • Los Angeles to Mumbai and Bengaluru
  • New York to Mumbai and Bengaluru
  • Houston to Mumbai and Bengaluru

Emirates Premium Economy Seats

Premium Economy on Emirates’ A380s is said to be a game changer in the international market, with luxurious seats, quality inflight food, and award-winning inflight entertainment. This travel cabin is being rolled out on about 130 aircraft in Emirates’ fleet of A380s and B777s. Sophisticated interiors, highly aesthetic design, leather seating, and business-class-like inflight service make Emirates Airlines’ Premium Economy a class apart from that of American and European airlines.

What’s the difference between Emirates’ Standard Economy and Premium Economy? The main difference is the comfort of seating long hours on 19.5-inch wide, cushioned seats with adjustable headrests and greater recline in Premium Economy.  The seats offer a 40-inch legroom pitch, thereby providing enough cozy space for you to stretch out on raised leg rests. On the other hand, Emirates’ 17.5-in wide economy seats have a shorter legroom pitch up to 34 inches.

The cream-toned leather seats are accessorized with fluffier pillows to comfort your back when you recline the body during a long-haul flight. A signature motif of the ghaf tree (the UAE’s national tree) in gold is one of the salient features of the exclusively designed interior.

Can I sleep on Emirates Premium Economy flights? 

Unlike the Business Class of Emirates, Premium Economy seats are not lie-flat beds. However, you can lounge your body from head to toe to catch a good sleep on the seat with a greater recline and an adjustable leg rest. If uncompromised comfort is a prerequisite for you to get sound sleep while flying, the spacious leather seats are designed to suit your needs.

Perks of Flying in Emirates Premium Economy

Is Emirates’ Premium Economy worth upgrading from regular economy? Yes, it is not only for spacious, luxury seating, but also personalized attention and service that travelers are lavished with on board. Separate check-in, priority boarding, and generous check-in baggage allowance are among the perks of flying in Premium Economy on Emirates flights to/from USA. Emirates’ A380s without First Class have Premium Economy with its own lavatory on the front of the upper deck. A380s with First Class have Premium Economy seats on the front of the lower deck. The front location makes it possible for guests to exit the aircraft before economy travelers, thereby facilitating their connection to the next flight (if they have any) in case of a short layover.

Does Emirates offer complimentary lounge access with Premium Economy?    

Like most airlines with premium economy, Emirates does not provide complimentary lounge access to its premium economy guests. Not even Emirates’ best flight deals for premium economy travel to/from USA come with this facility. Instead, you can buy Emirates’ lounge service at the origin/connection/destination airport for a discounted price. You can buy the best deal for Dubai Airport’s Plaza Premium Lounge while booking cheap Emirates flight tickets from IndianEagle.com.

Is Wi-Fi available in Emirates Premium Economy?

Seamless access to inflight WiFi is available for Emirates’ Skywards members, regardless of their travel class and itineraries. If you are among the Skywards Gold/Silver/Blue members, you can make the most of Emirates’ free WiFi service in Premium Economy.

Dining on Emirates Premium Economy flights

Quality inflight dining is a hallmark of Emirates’ Premium Economy service to New York, San Francisco and other destinations. Global dishes with seasonal flavors that Emirates’ cosmopolitan chefs cook for Premium Economy guests are elegantly served on Royal Doulton China tableware with stainless steel cutlery wrapped in linen, emulating the sophistication of a fine-dining restaurant. “Be it a continental breakfast or a multicourse lunch/dinner, you are sure to discover a meal to suit your taste from our regional monthly menus,” said Emirates. Lunch and dinner are complemented with fruit salad and delectable desserts.

“What elevates your ‘Premium Economy’ experience with Emirates is that you can celebrate a special occasion on board if it coincides with your flight. You can contact the airline and order a celebration cake of vanilla or chocolate flavor 48 hours before your scheduled departure,” said the chief travel economist of Indian Eagle Travel. Emirates Premium Economy reviews that we have received from our customers are positive about the range of inflight beverages, including wines and vintages from Business Class,” he added.

Where is Emirates Premium Economy flying to and from?

Currently, Emirates is operating Premium Economy flights on double-decker A380s to New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Paris, London, Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland. This beautiful cabins with competitive edges over other airlines, will be available to Houston starting June and to Los Angeles starting July 2023. In our knowledge, Emirates Premium Economy will enter Indian skies later this year.

We are thrilled to see our partner’s premium economy class in service after three years of the pandemic-induced hiccups to its launch. As a leading air-ticketing partner of Emirates Airlines, we will offer our customers and newsletter subscribers cheap flights tickets to India for Premium Economy travel from USA once this brand new cabin is fully available in the US-India corridor.

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