Delta Airlines’ Baggage Tracking and Boarding Process at Atlanta Airport are More Convenient than before

Traveling from and through Atlanta has become more convenient than before as Delta Airlines recently upgraded its service infrastructure at Atlanta’s Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport, the world’s busiest air travel hub. Delta Airlines introduced innovative customer experience solutions like efficient baggage handling techniques, an advanced baggage tracking system, and a streamlined boarding process at its five departure gates in the B Concourse of Atlanta Airport.

Delta Airlines’ upgraded boarding process at Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport features exclusive pillars to create four parallel lines. It does incredibly ease boarding for the airline’s Premium passengers and those in need of special assistance by providing separate queuing areas alongside helping other passengers keep out of the walkway. The same solution will be implemented at Delta Airlines’ other hubs in North America.

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The latest upgrade to Delta Airlines’ boarding process at Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport is an interim solution, which will continue to be developed as well as evaluated in order to make the customer experience better and better. Furthermore, the airline is looking to create an interactive space with entertaining distractions so that passengers can stay engaged while waiting for boarding at Atlanta Airport. The ‘hold room’ feel will not be there anymore.

Delta Airlines is the first carrier to have introduced an RFID baggage tracking system for all flights across its global network. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) baggage tags are attached to bags on all flights irrespective of routes and itineraries. This cutting-edge baggage tracking system being in place, travelers now receive live push notifications at certain points of their journey on Delta Airlines flights from departure till arrival.

When the bags are loaded onto an aircraft, their respective owners are notified about it through a push message in real time. They also receive a quick note about which carousel they can collect their bags on arrival. It bears a testimony to Delta Airlines’ commitment to improve the way checked baggage is handled and make flight a pleasant experience for travelers. The RFID baggage tracking solution can reduce the cases of baggage loss or misplacement by 25% by 2022, according to a study by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Delta Airlines also introduced dedicated screening lanes with CLEAR biometric technology to streamline the security process at Atlanta Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport. CLEAR is the only U.S. biometric identity verification platform that expedites checking of documents and bags, using the fingerprint screening technology. Delta was the first international airline to start rolling out automated screening lanes in 2016.

As of now, CLEAR biometric screening lanes are available at some of the busiest US airports in Delta Airlines’ network, including Austin, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, New York, Orlando, Detroit, Seattle, San Francisco and Washington DC. The same will be available at Los Angeles and Minneapolis too, soon.

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Not only Delta Airlines’ service at its hub airports in USA but Delta Airlines flights, have undergone a technological change for a better experience. The airline has empowered its pilots with a groundbreaking app to avoid turbulence so that flights can be comfortable. Turbulence is a major source of discomfort on board during a flight, which costs airlines nearly $100 million every year, according to NASA’s Weather Accident Prevention Project. It was extremely difficult to predict the intensity of turbulence until Delta’s Flight Weather Viewer App was launched to help pilots with real-time graphics of turbulence intensity, thereby enabling them to make better decisions for a safer and more efficient flight.

Delta Airlines’ upgraded service and technological implementations are within the purview of the $6 billion infrastructure project for Atlanta Airport (ATL), Los Angeles (LAX), Seattle Airport (SEA), Salt Lake City Airport (SLC), and New York LaGuardia Airport (LGA).

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