This South Indian Staple is Now Immunity Boosting Soup in USA; Thanks to Chef Arun Rajadurai from Tamil Nadu

The medicinal properties of Indian staples from Kashmir to Kanyakumari are undeniable. That’s why India’s mortality rate is the lowest among the countries hit by the pandemic, according to Johns Hopkins University. 7.7 is the number of deaths India reported per 100,000 people so far, whereas it is about 65 per the same size of population in the United States. Indian households’ daily staples include hing ki dal in north India; rasam in south India; pungent fish curries in the northeastern and southwestern regions, and pickles and papad in the west India – which played instrumental as immunity boosters in positive cases of the Novel Coronavirus.

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Though the United States got late to discover the herbal power of rasam, this most humble South Indian staple is a new means of immunity boost for Canada and the northeast USA. The credit goes to Chef Arun Rajadurai in Princeton, New Jersey. Rasam, a tangy vegetable stew of boiled lentils, has gone viral from the northeast coast of the US to Canada since the day Americans happened to realize that a bowl of rasam is an ample dose of immunity boost for recovery this pandemic.

How Chef Arun Rajadurai made rasam a most sought after dish in the northeast coast is an interesting story of his community service and benevolent nature. An award-winning Indian chef from Tamil Nadu’s Meensurutti village, Arun supplied rasam as a complimentary dish along with food orders for the COVID-positive patients in three hospitals. On seeing an overwhelming demand for rasam, the other outlets of Anjappar Princeton introduced the dish on their daily menu.

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Chef Arun Rajadurai, who moved to New Jersey 5 years ago, makes his recipe of rasam more effective for the patients by adding an extra dash of turmeric, ginger, and garlic to the preparation. His preparation came to be known as a quick immunity booster and an instant relief to itchy throats. The rasam he cooks does also serve as a starter or a soup. Each outlet of Anjappar Restaurant in the USA is now selling over 600 cups of rasam daily.

The bestselling immunity boosting soup in the US, rasam has about 200 varieties in texture and flavor. Known for its multiple health benefits, rasam has been an age-old homemade cure to cold and cough. It also helps with digestive issues and weight loss as well. A cup of smoking hot rasam is nothing but a nutritious super food with herbal ingredients, including antioxidants.

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