Air India Revises Hand Baggage Policy and Levies New Charges for Excess Hand Baggage

With the launch of new international nonstop flights to and from India, including the Delhi-Doha one, Air India is going strict about its free baggage allowance in all travel classes. Known for its liberal baggage policy across its global network except Newark to India flights, Air India has recently revised the carry-on or hand baggage rules.

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In the latest revision of the cabin baggage policy, Air India has introduced charges for excess hand baggage with effect starting November 1, 2019.  AI passengers will have to cough up extra money if they travel with excess hand baggage on Air India flights, both domestic and international.

Excess weight over and above Air India’s free hand baggage allowance of 8kgs is chargeable now. Usually, travelers are allowed to carry only one piece of carry-on or cabin baggage weighing not more than 8kgs, no matter whether they book cheap Air India economy tickets or business class fares. The airline charges excess hand baggage on domestic and international routes, at different rates.

Air India levies $15/kg and applicable GST charges for excess hand baggage on passengers of its international flights. In case of domestic flights, Rs 500/kg is levied for excess hand baggage, alongside applicable GST charges. These new charges for excess hand baggage on AI flights came into effect this November 1.

The latest revision of Air India’s hand baggage policy does also state that a traveler won’t be allowed to carry more than 15kgs of hand baggage despite additional payment for excess weight. If one’s hand baggage exceeds 15kgs of weight, it will not be allowed either in cabin or as checked-in. In such cases, travelers are required to contact the airline before booking their travel on or any other portal.

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5 thoughts on “Air India Revises Hand Baggage Policy and Levies New Charges for Excess Hand Baggage

  1. Jan fray

    Now your staff in the airport will use all their time on handbags. Money !!!!. Money !!!!!! Will Air India inform your staff, that people who comes from Europe and have a domestic flight are allowed to bring 2 x 23 kg in check. They dont know. I have to wait every time in Delhi Airport, waiting for a confirmation from a maneger, and it always ended with a: Sorry sir, you are right. How can it 2 years to inform your staff about these rules !!!!! ????

  2. Vijay

    With other airlines more liberal on hand bags who would like to travel AI. They want to include even laptop in the handbag which is an irony and ridiculous rule but it is there choice as even after doing all these hootch-potch they are still in red as they have ineffective staff. Rather than increasing there efficiency like SouthWest airlines in US they are more concerned on small stuff in gm’s (weight I mean).

  3. Ramji Rathod

    Yes, the Government has decided Air India must be sold by March 2020; so to attract prospective investors Air India must show an increase in profit; charging Rs8000-Rs10,000 for “excess” carry-on bag will score some 1 lakh rupees by March and by erstwhile Indian Airlines measures since the airline was perpetually in the red, this is an advance. So the sales will attract a better deal than was the case when the market was opened and returned weak to no bids last year. There is an American saying: make a dime while the ferry is brinkin’. And yet I am the most ardent customer of Ari India, for international and domestic flights I always take Air India, like direct flights from Delhi to Melbourne, to Sydney, to San Francisco and return. But I don’t approve of the new charges. Since I pay taxes it is as much my airlines.

  4. B A Jobanputra

    I have international flight booking from USA-DELHI-AHMEDABAD.

    May i know present permissible quantum of luggage as well as hand bag too


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