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Cheapest Flights to India from USA

India by its population makes into one of the biggest countries in Asia. Its diverse geography besides its ancient history makes the country interesting and intriguing for a traveler. Both the Himalayan Mountains in the north and the plains towards the south offer a traveler many exotic tourist places, besides historical monuments like Red Fort, India Gate, Palaces in Rajasthan, and Taj Mahal.

South India will keep that traveler curiosity with the architectural delights like Char Minar, Golconda Fort, Mysore Palace, Hill Stations and the backwaters. The south has much more to offer because of its topography. Lush green plantations in Tamil Nadu, the warm beaches of Goa, and tranquil backwaters in the God's Own Country, Kerala, are a sought after for nature lovers.

It's better to visit the country for the firsthand experience. So, get the cheapest flights to India from USA. Flying to India can leave you memorable experiences to ever cherish. Fly then. Fly with Indian Eagle.

Places to visit in India

Agra, Taj Mahal and Agra Fort

Taj Mahal, a mausoleum, is one among of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was built by Shah Jahan, the Mughal Emperor, in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz. To visit Taj Mahal, you have to board a plane to Delhi. From there, either you can take a connecting flight to Agra or travel by train, bus, or taxi.

Goa, the Sandy Beaches

The Portuguese architectures and the magnificent palm tree-lined beaches make Goa a unique tourist spot. The picturesque locations along the course of Mondovi River, which flows between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, are nature’s treat. Needless to say, the flavors of Goa surely tempt to break the resolutions one more time. You will not guilty as you munch on delicious Vindaloo.

Kochi, the Backwaters and House Boats

The beautiful lakes, lagoons and countless palm trees, that's what Kochi to offer you. Nicknamed as the Queen of the Arabian Sea it perfectly reflects the eclecticism of the state of Kerala. Get on houseboat to get the taste of rustic countryside in the God's Own Country. Fly to International Airport in Kochi with cheap flight deals from Indian Eagle.

Mumbai, the Financial City

The city of dreams, as it is called, has largely been built by the British around one of the natural harbors in the world. Besides, Mumbai has become India's strategic economic centre. Not just the economy, but with historic landmarks, fashion, arts, film industry of Bollywood make the city on par with the top metropolis in the world.

Moreover, Mumbai is the gateway to travel into India and to fly abroad. Chhatrapati Sivaji International Airport caters the travel needs millions, of both Indians and foreigners fly abroad from here. Visiting India, then get the cheap flights from USA to India.

Simla, the Hill Station to Cool the Heels

A famous hill station since the time of British colonial rule, Simla is an ideal gateway to cool your heels. Be it honeymoon, a break from work, or just leisure trip. The hill station can be a perfect place for adventure sports like trekking, hiking, and skiing in the winter. To reach Simla, you have to first fly to Delhi, then take a connecting flight or use other mode of transportation according to your convenience.

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