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Your Ultimate Business Travel Packing Checklist

Business travel packing checklist
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With the need of business travel increasing over time, it has become important to have a list of travel essentials to pack for your business trip. No matter if you travel for business purposes frequently or once in a few months, this business travel packing checklist will help you for sure.

Before you move to the list of essentials to pack for your trip, here’s a tip. Always make sure to check your luggage instead of ending up with your bag going at the back of the plane. Yes, this is one of the possibilities as the overhead compartments tend to fill up faster than you expect. So, the better option is to check your bag and relax. We know some of the airlines charge an additional fee for baggage check-in but that is worth an investment.

Your Business Travel Packing Checklist

Basic Bottoms

Whatever be your choice, pants or skirts for bottoms, while you fly in a business class flight for a conference, choose one basic color like black, blue or brown for your bottoms. Why? It reduces the confusion and space in your bag for other essentials like belts, shoes, etc. You can pick a pair of shoes that goes with all three basic colors. Dark color shoes and belts are the best pick as they don’t let the travel wear and tear visible.

Blazer or Jacket

For a jacket or blazer, end up with a basic color again that matches the color of your bottoms.

A travel outfit

If you are on a long business trip, you will also need some casual pairs of travel clothes. Pack a comfortable travel outfit along with easy shoes to fly back.

Top, Sweaters and Blouses

With this too, you need to pick a color that matches the color scheme of your bottoms.


Do not ever forget to pack at least two pairs of formal shoes when on a business tour. Decide on a particular style and height of the heel that works well for you. Make sure it is comfortable.

Underwear and Socks

Pack two extra pairs of underwear and socks. You never know when you might need them. Traveling during monsoon? You better keep a check on your intimate wears! We would suggest you to have a pair of socks and innerwear always in the bag you take for business tips.


Have a small bag of your essential toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, cleanser, make-up, cosmetics, etc. If you are planning to travel by air and do not wish to check your bag, make sure you pack all the liquids in small plastic bags less than 3 ounces in quantity.

Laptop Bag

Well, this one is something you won’t probably forget when on a business trip. Just make sure it is easily accessible as you will have to remove it while security check-in. Do not miss your pen drives and power cord.

Travel Documents

It is one of the most important things to pack for your trip. All the travel documents like your domestic or international flight tickets, rental car confirmations, hotel reservations, etc. must be in a separate file for easy access. If you have got the soft copies of these documents, bookmark the sites or save it in a draft.

Small Travel Umbrella

You might find it unnecessary but it can be very helpful in situations of unexpected rain or excessive heat. So, have a folding travel umbrella in your carry bag.

Business Cards

Always have a good amount of business cards in your wallet. You never know when you might need one.

Cell Phone Charger and earphones/headsets

These are another set of important things which many of us forget in rush. Weather you book a last minute flight or it is a pre-booked air ticket, make sure to keep your cell phone charger first in your bag while packing for the trip. If you have a power bank or car charger, carry that too.

An envelope for your expense receipts

On a business trip, you need to keep a record of your expenses for reimbursement. Having all the receipts in one place will not only save your time but also help you submit the correct expense report to your company.

A purse

Women generally prefer carrying handbag or purse rather than briefcase. We would suggest you to carry a small wallet or purse with your ID, cash, phone, mints, etc.

We hope this list helps you get your business travel bag ready without any hassle. Also go through our top business travel hacks for a pleasant trip.

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