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What should I do if My luggage is Delayed?


What should I do if my luggage is delayed

People travel across the world to relax their minds and get away from their daily hectic lives. Nobody wants a hassle during a trip or vacation. Traveling can be relaxing, but some travel experiences can be exhausting. Especially the experience when you lose your luggage, or the luggage gets delayed, or gets lost during transportation.

While traveling, most people think, “What should I do if my luggage is delayed, missed, or lost?”

If your baggage is delayed, then it can be an upsetting and uncomfortable situation. You may have to change your vacation plans, run out of necessities, or suffer financial damages. One incident of missing or delayed luggage can derail your whole traveling experience.

However, as they say, preparation is the key to solving any issue in the world. You can deal with the delay or missing luggage situation if you are attentive. Being prepared for such circumstances might help you deal with them confidently and lessen the after-effects. There are multiple things to do when your luggage gets missed or delayed at the airport.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to deal with the issue of delayed, missed, or lost luggage without going into panic mode.

What can you do before you go to the airport?

There are certain things you can do to avoid the circumstance when your luggage gets delayed, missed, or lost.

  • Non-stop flight booking: You can book a non-stop flight to avoid the transfer between planes during connecting flights or layovers.
  • Have pictures of your luggage: When you lose your luggage at the airport, airline personnel ask you to describe your bag, including the color, size, brand, and dimensions of the bag. You must remember all these things, but wait – remember the dimensions? To avoid this, just click some high-quality pictures of your luggage to jog your memory when you are describing your bag.
  • Tracking of Luggage: Most airlines offer the facility of baggage tracking to their passengers. You can use that to track your luggage during transportation.

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After getting to the airport and checking in your luggage, check everything properly, and keep your luggage tag intact and handy during your journey.

Let us discuss the next situation that can cause you distress. When you do not get your luggage on time, the situation can cause you anxiety. You get impatient with the wait and anxiety. But hold your horses and do not rush into unsettling mode.

If your luggage is delayed:

When you are waiting impatiently on the conveyor belt and your luggage does not arrive after waiting so long. That is confirmation that your luggage has been delayed.

Now, what should you do? Here are some things you can do if  luggage delaying situation arises:

  • Connect with airline staff immediately to inform them that you have not received your luggage on the designated conveyor belt.
  • You must fill out the Luggage Missing form at the airport with accurate details, from your bag description to your exact address location.
  • You can show them pictures of your luggage to spot it. If they spot the baggage, then you will be informed to wait for some more time to get it. Otherwise, they will send your luggage to the address you specified in the form.
  • Always keep all your receipts for the things you have bought because your luggage is no longer with you. The receipts should include everything you buy because of the carelessness of the airline in missing your luggage. The airline can reimburse you for the shopping you have to do in case anything is missing.

And last but not least, do not feel anxious or depressed while waiting for your luggage. As per the obligation towards passengers, the concerned airline will deliver your luggage to you.

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Concluding Remarks:

Sometimes, the circumstances can go in the wrong direction, and you can feel anxious and helpless during these times. But, there are always ways to come out of any situation with alertness and knowledge of the rules and regulations. You must keep yourself informed about the rules, regulations, liabilities, and rights of a flight passenger to deal with scenarios like this. This is all about what should I do if my luggage is delayed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if my baggage is delayed?

You must report to the airline personnel that your luggage is delayed. They will handle your situation accordingly. 

Do airlines pay for delayed luggage?

Yes, airlines pay for delayed luggage in some cases. The amount of compensation and the documentation required may vary depending on the airline’s policy and the passenger’s destination.

How long is considered delayed luggage?

Delayed luggage at the airport means that your checked luggage has not arrived at the designated spot on time. The specific timeframe for luggage may vary airline to airline. Most US international airlines consider 21 days for delayed luggage. For domestic carriers, the time limit is 5-14 days.

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