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Turkey Transit Visa: Requirements and Application

Turkey Transit Visa
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You may be wondering if you require a Turkey transit visa if your travel itinerary includes a layover in the country. Your nationality and the duration of your layover will determine the answer. 

Even if you only plan to stay for a short while, as a traveler you may require a transit visa for Turkey if you plan to exit the airport. No visa is necessary if as a traveler, you will remain in the airport’s transit area. For transit and transfer travelers, this article will describe how to submit an online application for a Turkish E-Visa as well as you will get to know how to buy online cheap flights via Indian Eagle.

Do You Need a Transit Visa for Turkey?

You may be wondering ‘do I need a visa for Turkey layover?’. Transfer and transit passengers with long layovers in Turkey may wish to make the most of their time by exploring the nearby area around the airport.

Less than an hour separates Istanbul Airport from the city center. The largest city in Turkey, Istanbul, can be visited for a few hours by travelers with lengthy layovers between flights. You can consider Indian Eagle to book your tickets which is one of the best flight booking sites that provide cheap and affordable deals. 

Eligibility: The requirements for obtaining a transit visa for Turkey are the same as those for obtaining other visas. You also need a transit visa if you intend to enter Turkey for tourism or any other reason.

You need one of the following Turkey transit visa if you intend to visit the country for transit purposes:

  1. E-visa for Turkey
  2. A visa sticker for Turkey

If you are a citizen of a nation that does not require a visa to enter into Turkey, you do not require any of the above transit visas.

The majority of countries can apply online for a transit visa for Turkey. The E-Visa application form can be filled out and submitted in a matter of minutes.

Turkey E-Visa:

Information Related to the Transit Turkey E-Visa

  1. Both transiting through a Turkish airport and traveling to Turkey are permitted with the Turkish E-Visa. The maximum stay ranges from 30 to 90 days, depending on the holder’s nationality.
  2. Additionally, based on the country of citizenship, single-entry, and multiple-entry visas are given out.
  3. All international airports accept Turkish E-Visa for transit. Turkey’s busiest airport, Istanbul Airport, serves a considerable number of travelers.
  4. Between flights, visitors who want to leave the airport must show the valid visa to the immigration department.
  5. Those travelers who cannot obtain a Turkish E-Visa must apply for a visa at an embassy or consulate.

How Do You Apply For An E-Visa In Turkey?

Compared to obtaining a sticker visa, getting a Turkish E-Visa is relatively a simple and quick process. Within minutes, you can complete the Turkey E-Visa application form, which grants you permission to enter the country. The best way to travel and find cheap flights is booking the tickets via Indian Eagle. 

A Turkish E-Visa can be acquired in just three steps:

  1. Application Form Filling: You must first fill out the form with all the necessary information and submit it to obtain an E-Visa.
  2. Make the Payment: Use your credit or debit card to pay the visa charge for Turkey.
  3. Print the document: If everything goes smooth, you will be sent a soft copy of your transit visa. Your transit visa may be printed out and presented at the Turkish Entry Gate.

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Turkish Sticker Visa

Information Related to the Transit Turkish Sticker Visa

  1. The Turkish transit sticker visa is provided to travelers who are passing through Turkey on their way to another country, and it allows for a stay of up to 7 days.
  2. Arriving passengers can receive the visa at the airport.
  3. A current passport and onward travel ticket are required documentation.
  4. The visa fee must be paid in cash in Turkish lira, euros, or dollars.

How to Submit a Turkish Sticker Visa Application?

If you require a sticker visa for Turkey, you have two choices available:

  1. Single Transit
  2. Double Transit

In general, you must collect the necessary paperwork, show up for a visa interview, and pay a visa cost. Don’t forget to visit the Indian Eagle website for purchasing the first class ticket to India at an affordable price.

These five factors will help you complete the entire process:

  1. When should a sticker visa application be made?
  2. Where do you need to apply?
  3. Completing an online application
  4. Assembling all necessary paperwork
  5. Attending a transit visa interview in Turkey

To obtain a Transit visa For Turkey without difficulty, strictly adhere to the guidelines provided below for each stage in the proper sequence.

When Should You Submit a Sticker Visa Application?

At least one month before the desired date of travel to Turkey, you should submit an application for a sticker visa. To be on the safe side and prevent any uncertainty, you should apply for a visa as soon as you arrange your vacation.

Where Do You Need To Apply For Turkey Transit Visa?

The Turkish embassy or consulate in your home country is where you should apply for a visa. You may have noticed that Turkey has outsourced the filing of its visas to facilities for visa processing run by third parties in a number of nations. Therefore, to determine the precise location to apply for a transit visa, you must keep in touch with the Turkish embassy in your home country.

Filling Out An Online Application Form For Transit Visa For Turkey

You are now prepared to fill out an application at the Turkish Visa pre-application system. You must correctly answer the basic questions on the form regarding your identification, nationality, and purpose for entering Turkey.

The system will give you a day of time for the interview, which you must attend, once your application is complete.

Gathering All Necessary Paperwork

You must gather and organize all the paperwork before going to the interview. Your documents must adhere to the embassy’s requirements. These papers must be sent in, on the day of the interview.

The Turkish embassy requires the following documents, which you must produce.

  • Two identical pictures. According to Turkish visa picture specifications, your images should be:
    1. Having dimensions 5cm x 6cm
    2. Taken within six months
  • Passport or another travel document that will be valid once you reach Turkey for at least six months
  • A completed Transit Visa Application, employment documentation, and travel insurance
  • You must provide a document proving you have enough money to cover your expenses throughout your stay or transit through Turkey and in the country of your destination.
  • You should have about €50 available each day for spending in Turkey.
  • A record showing that you have purchased travel medical insurance.
  • An Onward Ticket for the flight that will get you to your final destination.
  • Visa if necessary for your final destination.
  • You must present the paperwork describing your accommodations in Turkey for the duration of your vacation. A letter of invitation from the Turkish host or a hotel reservation may be included in this document.
  • Certificate of Police Clearance as evidence that you haven’t engaged in any illegal behavior recently. 

Note that you might need to submit a few extra papers depending on your nationality and the country where you reside. Go to their official website for further information.

Processing Time for Turkey Transit Visa

Processing takes roughly 15 working days. However, in certain countries, it can just take two or three working days. You can monitor the progress of your application by using the website to track it.

Do I Need A Visa For Turkey Layover Through Istanbul Airport?

You could need a Turkey transit Visa to go through the Sabiha Gokcen Airport on Turkey’s Asian side or the Istanbul Ataturk Airport on its European side. The name of this visa among travelers passing through these ports in transit is Istanbul Transit Visa. As a result, the same visa is referred to by both names.

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