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US Tourist and Student Visa Hike: American Dream Set to Become Costlier from May 30


The American dream is set to get more expensive! After announcing a hike of a whopping 70% for US employment-based visas earlier this year, the United States has announced an increase in the US tourist and student visa application fee as well. 

US Tourist and Student Visa Hike: American Dream Set to Become Costlier from May 30
Source: nypost

Effective from May 30, the non-immigrant visa application fee will be hiked from the existing $160 to $185. The application fee for the E category will increase to $315 from $205, while the cost of visa application for temporary workers would increase by $15. With thousands of people applying for various US visas, it is to be seen how this will impact tourism in the country. 

Apart from tourist and business visas, the US gets a lot of student visa applications every year. And Indians are the major receivers of these visas. In 2022 alone, approximately 1,25,000 students from India were able to fulfill their dream of studying in USA. 

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Amid this, the US Consulate in Mumbai has started accepting all immigrant visa services but routine non-immigrant visa services are only limited at the Embassy in New Delhi and consulates in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. 

The USA government is also doing its best to reduce wait times for US visas. This has already helped a lot of visa applicants and has been improving the visa acceptance rate significantly. 

What do you think about the US tourist and student visa hike? Share your opinions in the comment section below! 

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