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9 Important Tips for First Time Flyers to Know


If you’ve never flown before but are soon to plan a trip that will require you to board a flight, here are vital tips for first time flyers you can use. These tips will come in handy even if you’re wondering how to travel in domestic flight first time and not just for international travel. Thereby, be assured that flying for the first time alone need not be a stressful thing. Once you check out our list of the top tips for first time flyers, you can get a first time flyers checklist ready.

Set your fears aside and use our top tips for first time flyers with anxiety. These are best tips for first time flyers internationally traveling and otherwise.

Tips for Those Flying for the First Time Alone:

When you’re flying for the first time nervousness is expected. But worry not. Just follow our simple but essential tips for first time flyers and you’ll be well on your way to enjoy the experience.

  1. Get travel documents ready

Once you’ve dealt with how to book cheap flights, this is the next important step. This is among the most vital tips to ensure your first time flight experience is a pleasant one. Without necessary travel documents, you won’t be allowed to board the flight. Make sure you’ve got your passport (if you need one for this trip) and other TSA approved travel documents in hand. Do ensure to keep copies of these as well just in case you misplace something important.

  1. Take care of baggage concerns

Make sure to check the baggage policy of the airline you’re booking flights with. Find out what you will be charged for your checked baggage, the permitted size and weight of the luggage, and other such important things. One of the most useful baggage tips for first time flyers is to pack just a carry-on. This is especially helpful if you’re about to make an emergency trip on last minute flights. Just pack the essentials and you can buy anything else you need at your intended destination.

  1. Arrive as early as you can at the airport

This is one of the best tips for first time flyers especially for those hit with the first time flying what to expect at the airport query. Generally, it’s best to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours ahead of departure time. But it’s also a good idea to clock in a bit earlier especially if the airport is a big one. It can be harrowing to get through the entire check-in process. Arrive early and do this in peace instead of coming at the last moment and hurrying through everything.

  1. Head to the airline desk

The first thing you must do when you arrive at the airport is to go over to your airline’s check-in desk. This is among the most important tips for first time flyers you must keep in mind. Show your travel tickets, passport, and other travel documents here to confirm your seat on the airplane. Once the documentation is in order, you can also check your baggage here and get any other last minute flight updates.

  1. Work your way through security patiently

Getting through airport security can be a bit of a hassle even for seasoned flyers. Those traveling in First or Business class flights will have it easier owing to expedited check-in. But for those about to board economy, this is the one place you will need some patience. Follow the instructions passed to you by the security agents and you should be fine. Once done, do ensure you haven’t left anything behind.

  1. Move on to the boarding gate

Your ticket will more often than not have the boarding gate number on it. However, one of the top tips for first time flyers is to check the departures monitor for any boarding changes. If you’re having trouble following the signs meant to lead you to the assigned gate, you can also stop and ask an airport employee for assistance. Once at the gate, have a seat until the agent at the gate calls out for the group number that’s on your ticket to board next.

  1. Board the airplane carefully

Boarding the airplane with caution is among the top tips for first time flyers. When the gate agent calls your group to board, check if you have all your belongings with you before proceeding to board. Once on board, check the row and seat number above (or on the armrest) and find your assigned seat. Stow away your carry-on carefully either under the seat in front of you or in the overhead storage bin.

  1. Inflight entertainment

The type of entertainment you enjoy on the airplane will depend on the travel class you’re in. You will have your own entertainment system if you’re flying luxury class. Many airlines will offer inflight magazines, podcasts, music choices, and movies as well among other things. However, it’s best to bring along your own entertainment such as a book, laptop, music, movies, etc. It’s also a good idea to carry noise-canceling earphones and a sleep mask to help you rest if it’s a long-haul flight.

  1. Food and drinks in the flight

Once in the flight, you will be offered food, snacks, and drinks depending on the type of travel class you’re in. Most of it will be free if you’ve paid for it while booking your ticket from USA to India or elsewhere. It will also be free if you’re traveling on First or Business class. Else, you will have to pay for whatever you wish to have. One of the best tips for first time flyers to keep in mind is that generally, cash isn’t accepted as payment so keep a credit card in hand.

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