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US Tourist or Business Visa Holders Can Now Apply for Jobs and Attend Interviews

US Tourist or Business Visa Holders Can Now Apply for Jobs and Attend Interviews
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Good news for those who are traveling to the USA. You can now turn your trip to this mighty country into an opportunity to search for employment. Even with a B-1 or B-2 visa, you can apply for jobs in the United States and attend interviews. 


The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services posted this update on twitter yesterday after a lot of people inquired whether they can attend interviews while holding a tourist or business visa. They also added that prospective employers must ensure that the applicants change their visa status before they start working in the new role. 

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The federal agency also clarified that most non-immigrant workers who have been terminated from their jobs assume they have to leave USA within 60 days. But if they are eligible, they can continue staying in the country for the same period of time. 

The presidential advisory sub-committee also recently recommended extending the grace period to 180 days from the existing 60 days. If accepted, this will be a ray of hope for thousands of workers who have lost their jobs during the massive layoffs by top companies. Indian techies working in the US were also affected by the recent wave of layoffs and might benefit if this recommendation is accepted. 

Apart from this, the United States of America has been making new rules to reduce the visa processing time so people do not have to further delay their American dream. 

Would you be interested in attending an interview while on a trip to America? Share your responses in the comments below.

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