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5 Great Tips to Visit Goa on a Budget


tips to visit Goa on a budgetHere are some great tips to visit Goa on a budget

  • Avoid high-budget seasons 
  • Stay in south Goa 
  • Stay in hostels or homestays 
  • Book a train journey 
  • Eat on the roadside 

Do you love to travel but not rich enough to afford to your heart’s content? 

Worry not, for here is an article about tips to visit Goa on a budget

Goa is one of the most visited and happening tourist sites in the vast Asian country, India. It is a state located to the west of the Deccan Plateau, along the western coast which is in line with the Arabian Sea. It is a place couples go for a vacation and foreigners for an enriching cultural experience. It has a mix of Indian and Portuguese tendencies; it was a colony of Portugal for 450 years, right up to 1961. Hence, even after most of India got its independence, Goa was still under colonial rule. This was because the part that received independence was colonized by the British Crown. Portuguese left India in 1961. 

Avoid High-Budget Seasons

Since Goa is a place where tourists and other locals travel a lot, it is best to go during low-budget or off seasons. The best time to book cheap flights to Goa from USA would be from the months of November to February. The reason for this is that at other times, demand for visiting Goa will be considerably higher and therefore, the cost of visiting and staying there will rise in proportion. 

On the other hand, since the demand for traveling to Goa will be much less during the months between November and February, it is better to travel at this time. 

Recently, the Government of Goa has introduced a new program called “Monsoon Trekking” to explore Hinterland Tourism.

Stay in South Goa

It is a known myth that north Goa is for party-goers and south Goa is for the older population. No, both are suitable for the younger population. Yes, north Goa is more about nightclubs, parties, dancing, etc., but it is also very expensive to stay. Whereas, south Goa is where you can find affordable places to stay. And it is peaceful here, too, if you want to get away from noise and have a quiet stay. 

Check out some of the beach resorts in South Goa for family.

Stay in Hostels or Homestays

Better than staying at restaurants or hotels that are expensive, it is better to stay in hostels or homestays. What would you be needing stay accommodations, for? Generally, breakfast, dinner, and sleep/rest. For a budget travel, you won’t need lavish accommodations. Hence, something like a hostel or a homestay should suffice, where you get these basic necessities. 

Book A Train Journey

By booking a train journey to Goa, you will get two benefits: 

Not only will you be traveling on a low budget, as opposed to an airplane. While it is true that a flight journey will take time, but it is definitely worth it all, especially if you’re traveling from places like Bangalore and Mumbai. The scenery you will witness take your breath away! 

Eat on Roadside

There are several stalls on the road in Goa that sell delicious Goan authentic food. You can have it at any of the restaurants, but it is highly recommended that you taste the food on the street. Not only will you saving more, but it will also be much tastier! 

Here are great tips to visit Goa on a budget. If you think this is a great opportunity for you, plan your trip now! Contact Indian Eagle to get USA to Goa flights now!


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