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Student Tips: 3 Things to do in Boston for a Relaxing Weekend

Things to do in Boston
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College life is all about discovery. It is about learning beyond the confines of the classroom. As a student in college, you have more freedom to explore and learn and also unlearn. If you are a student in Boston, you have the opportunity to be amidst history, culture, and a truly modern city. 

Boston straddles its historic past with modern sensibilities very cleverly. It’s historic importance to United States’ past and present and the richness of its colleges make it one of the best cities for students. If you are a foreign student in Boston then the city offers you unbound opportunities to add richness to your learning experience here. Ensure you make time for the interesting things to do in Boston as and when you can. 

Spend time in the Boston Public Library. 

And no, not only to study or check the books out. Though even that would take ages as the library boasts of almost 24 million items in its collection. The Boston Public Library is a must-visit for students as it is a historic powerhouse. It also showcases rich architecture and offers a glimpse into rare books and interesting sculptures. It opened in the year 1895 and is a Renaissance Revival building. 

Visiting this iconic building is one of the best things to do in Boston for college students. The famous reading room at the library, the Bates Hall, looks something out of a magical story when it comes to its ambience. It is 218 ft long with a ceiling that is 50 ft high. 

The library is free to use and its main branch is in Copley Square. There are smaller branches scattered throughout the city for the ease of students and other residents. Whenever you are short of things to do in Boston, head to the main branch or any of its subsidiaries in the city. It really is an endless center of learning and knowledge. As an added bonus; you are likely to meet students from across the globe in the library. 

You can start with a free tour of the Boston Public Library. Note that the timings differ throughout the week. You can call ahead and book a guided tour. Or conduct a self-guided tour with the help of library booklets available on site and even online. You can take the train to Copley Station and reach the library conveniently. Easily spend a day here as there are three on-site eateries serving meals throughout the day. 

Relax and unwind in the Boston Public Garden. 

If you are looking for free things to do in Boston for college students then definitely check out the Boston Public Garden at 4 Charles Street. If you have seen pictures of the bronze duck statue and her ducklings (Make Way for Ducklings) then this is the place you will actually see it. Boston Public Garden is also the first public botanical garden in the USA. It opened in 1837 and offers a place for respite to the weary. Visiting this nature landscape is one of the top things to do in Boston for anyone. 

If you feel like being in fresh environs after being cooped up in your college dorm studying; head to this park. This is also the ideal place to unwind for 1-2 hours after a city tour or before you head back to your room or dorm. Even though the entry is free, if you want to enjoy the Swan Boat Ride then you will have to pay minimal charges (around $4.5). But these rides are usually only available in the summers. 

It is one of the famous Boston landmarks and is a must-visit for students who have just arrived in Boston. And yes, this park also houses the famous bronze statue of USA’s first president George Washington. Visiting this garden is a one of the best things to do in Boston for a relaxing weekend. 

Reach the garden via the Green Line to the famous Arlington Station. There are many other interesting places to see and things to do near the garden. From famous restaurants to interesting shopping places, you can make a day of it when visiting the Boston Public Garden. 

The oldest city park in USA – the Boston Common (established 1634), is right next to it. You can visit this park to explore features related to the city’s history. Note: The Frog Pond – the ice-skating rink in the park is a big attraction here. You can also learn the activity here. 

Shop and eat at the Quincy Market. 

One of the fun things to do in Boston is to visit the Quincy Market at 206, St. Market Street. If you spend enough time in Boston, visiting this place is likely to become a regular thing for you. Entry here is free and you can explore it to your heart’s desire. It is open from morning 10 to evening nine on all days except Sundays. If you are visiting it on a Sunday then plan for an afternoon visit as the market closes by six in the evening. Take the train to State Stations or Haymarket to reach the bustling Quincy Market. 

The market is part of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace consisting of a total four markets. Quincy Market opened for public in 1826 and is housed in a Greek Revival building over two stories. The ground floor has space for over 120 food stalls. The top story is for exhibitions and displays. If you are new to Boston and wish to sample famous dishes of the region then head to this historical place and eat to your heart’s content. This is also one of the best places to visit with a group of friends. If you want to sample the famous lobster roll in the region or try the chowder; this is the place to be for students. 

You can, of course, also visit the other markets in the vicinity such as the North Market, South market, and the main Faneuil Market. The Faneuil Hall Marketplace is one of the stops on the Freedom Trail. 

Exploring places such as this market is one of the best things to do in Boston for college students

These three places are ideal for students as visiting them will give you a glimpse into the life in the city. These places are brimming with both locals and students from all across the world – offering you opportunities to expand your horizons. 

Some more interesting things to do in Boston –

  • Go on the famous Freedom Trail Tour to learn about city’s history. 
  • Soak in modern photography, paintings, and sculptures at the Harvard Art Museum. 
  • Hop on the Duck Boat Tour for sightseeing. 
  • Explore the beautiful city neighborhood of Beacon Hill. 
  • Try the coffee and mingle with other students at the Polcari’s Café. 

If you are an Indian student in Boston then perhaps, you will be at an advantage because of the large NRI and student community in the city. Even the nearby historical towns such as Philadelphia are well-known for colleges. You can even go to these cities on a weekend by road or train. Indian students in the entire Massacuhates State or nearby towns can book cheap or even last-minute flights to India from Philadelphia, Boston, or even NYC. 

For instance, Indian Eagle offers the best deals on flights from Philadelphia to New Delhi and other major Indian cities. In fact, you can book flights from various US cities to India via its website. 

For now, enjoy fun things to do in Boston and explore your student life in the best way possible. 


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