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The Future of AI and Augmented Reality Tourism: How is Technology Reshaping the Way We Travel

Augmented Reality Tourism
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Travelers today expect flexible solutions that are just a tap away; and why not. Time is of the essence and anything that can aid in easy planning of trips or holidays is always welcome.  Thankfully; travel is now being completely transformed by various digital technologies. Be it from searching for flights to checking-in a hotel, travel apps have organized a lot of things and made trips easier for individuals. With each passing day, not just AI, augmented reality tourism too is on the rise. 

In the age of mobile phones and other smart devices, people today are looking forward to hassle-free experiences in order to confirm their bookings with a single click. Gen Z, especially, spends prolonged hours on their smartphones and is always looking for top-notch services online. In this scenario, useful travel apps are a great choice to plan trips both for business and leisure activities. Powered by AI and AR technology, the travel and aviation industry is reshaping the way we holiday. 

Is AI and Augmented Reality Tourism the Future of the Travel Industry?

AI and AR tourism apps and technology is finding its way to each and every sphere – be it business or everyday life. So it will definitely impact the travel industry. Here’s how it will help in collecting data and providing travelers with a better user experience. 

Artificial Intelligence and Tourism 

Use of AI can save time and cost for most travel companies and can even eliminate the possibility of any human error. This way, the tasks can be performed 24/7 very efficiently. Businesses can tailor recommendations about places or hotels and also improve personalization for customer satisfaction. 

In the aviation sector, airports and airlines are using AI to improve passenger experience. This is being done by implementing predictive maintenance for aircraft, which reduces delays and cancellations. AI-powered chatbots offer real-time assistance with booking domestic or international flight tickets, check-in, and flight status updates. Recently, Air India and IndiGo have launched AI chatbots to help passengers with queries and manage bookings. Furthermore, facial recognition technology is also expediting security and boarding processes at major airports. AI is also analyzing passenger data to personalize services and streamline airport operations, ensuring a smoother travel experience.

Augmented Reality and Tourism 

AR is slowly becoming travelers’ new best friend! It has the ability to improve search experiences by giving interactive and enticing information. With useful travel apps, these augmented experiences can help customers ease their travel search and build a relationship with the brand. 

These days, airports and airlines are leveraging augmented reality (AR) to further enhance the passenger experience. At airports, AR wayfinding apps help passengers navigate terminals by overlaying directions on their mobile phone screen. Airlines also use AR to provide interactive boarding passes and in-flight entertainment. This offers immersive experiences to travelers. 

Bangalore’s Terminal 2 introduced a metaverse experience in 2022, allowing travelers to explore the terminal virtually. Similarly, Emirates also offered a metaverse experience. This enabled passengers to navigate the aircraft cabin and select seats through an immersive digital environment. Such innovations streamline travel and make journeys more enjoyable.

AI and augmented reality tourism is definitely reshaping the way we travel. With time, it will be interesting to see how such technologies revolutionize both the travel and aviation industry. With reliable travel partners; Indian Eagle, a well-established US-based travel company, strives to offer cheap flight tickets to India from major American cities. So, if you are planning to travel soon, make use of Indian Eagle deals when booking your tickets to save more. 

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