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Tourism and Small-Town Airports in India: A Closer Look

Small-Town Airports in India
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In the past few years; the Ministry of Civil Aviation has taken up the challenging task of setting up many new airports in the country. Some are under the Greenfield Airport Project. Others have been finalized separately. What’s notable about these developments is that most of these are small-town airports.

What is the importance of small-town airports for Indian and foreign tourists?

Connectivity has been an issue in India when it comes to smaller towns and villages. Roads were slow to build and their quality of construction was almost always a question. Airport upgrades in the country were slow or almost non-existent. It impacted tourism, as inbound tourists are mostly reluctant to venture into places without air or any sort of good connectivity.

But a lot has changed in the last decade or so.

Small-town India is largely unexplored. Not because it is not beautiful or worth a visit. But lack of good connectivity via roads and air made it difficult for people to venture into many hidden gems or unperturbed places. Even smaller towns with historical or religious significance in most Indian states were difficult to reach due to very poor quality of roads and adequate public transport. These upcoming airports in India (and the new ones that are already operational) will change the economic and tourist landscapes of India. These two together will form a vicious cycle and support the other. Tourism is bound to increase commerce in the regions; which in turn, will again boost tourism.

Airports in India, in general, were due for infrastructural upgrades and expansion. In the past few years; this has also changed. Several PPP or Public-Private Partnerships (for Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru) were in the works and proposed expansion schemes for these airports are either underway or near-completion.

Now, what does it mean for inbound travel?

First, tourists will have access to even more incredible places to discover in India. Second, more seasonal places will be available for domestic and international tourists. The tourist map can expand from the usual Golden Triangle Tour, Konkan Coast destinations, metropolitan cities etc. to the mesmerizing Arunachal (Hollongi Airport in capital Itanagar) Deoghar, Kushinagar etc. Small airports will connect rest of India with several destinations with religious and historical importance.

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