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How to Save Money by Booking Cheap Flights | Newark to Kolkata

How to Save Money by Booking Cheap Flights Newark to Kolkata
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Kolkata is one of the most-visited cities in India. Every year thousands of passengers fly from Newark to this gorgeous town. And as you must be aware; with an increase in demand, the prices tend to rise as well. But if you plan carefully and book your tickets in advance, you might be able to fly to Kolkata at affordable prices.

If you are planning to visit the ‘city of joy’, here is all you need to know.

Tips to Save Money while Booking Cheap Flights

You can get the cheapest flight ticket from the vibrant city of Newark to Kolkata if you book your itinerary at least four weeks in advance. Be it first, business, premium economy or economy class, you can get some best deals with an early booking. Also, if you are a frequent traveler or are loyal to a top airline that operates from Newark to Kolkata such as United Airline, you can even use your ‘airline miles’ to get a huge discount or upgrade to a different class on your flight.  

Here are some tips that can be helpful to save money on flight bookings:

  1. Use incognito mode when searching for flights. 
  2. Check out different dates for booking a flight.
  3. Search for air tickets only for a single person. 
  4. Opt for a connecting flight instead of a direct flight.
  5. Check out the social media deals offered by your favorite airline.
  6. Compare the prices of the flight tickets in different search engines. 
  7. Opt for budget airlines.
  8. Book flights that are scheduled for odd hours.
  9. Make use of the credit/debit card offers on flight bookings.
  10. Book round trip flight tickets if possible. 

You can also book your tickets from Newark to Kolkata through Indian Eagle and make use of the amazing deals offered.

Check Out the Deals offered exclusively by Indian Eagle

Apart from offering the cheapest flights to Kolkata from Newark, Indian Eagle also offers a variety of deals to its customers. When making your bookings for EWR to CCU flights, you can contact the customer care representatives and know about the on-going deals such as:

  1. Eagle Deals 
  2. Secret Deals
  3. Alternate Dates Deals 

The ‘alternate dates deals’ can be helpful when you are planning your trip in advance, as you could get some best deals on different dates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the distance covered by a flight from Newark to Kolkata?

Answer: A flight from Newark to Kolkata covers a distance of approximately 12671 km. 

  • What is the duration of a flight from EWR to Kolkata?

Answer: The duration of a connecting flight from Newark to Kolkata is around 18 hours and 55 minutes.

  • Does United Airlines offer flights from EWR to CCU?

Answer: Yes, United Airlines is the most popular airline offering flights from Newark to Kolkata. 

  • What is the cheapest month to fly from EWR to CCU?

Answer: September is usually the cheapest month to fly from Newark to Kolkata. 

  • Are there any Newark to Kolkata flights Air India offers to the passengers?

Answer: Yes, Air India is one of the major airlines operating flights between EWR and CCU. 

  • Are there any direct flights from EWR to CCU?

Answer: Currently, no airline offers a direct flight from the New Jersey city of Newark to the Indian metropolitan, Kolkata. 

  • What are the popular airlines that offer flights from Newark to Kolkata?

Answer: Apart from United Airlines and Air India, Qatar Airways and Emirates are the major airlines offering flights from EWR to CCU. 

  • What are the alternate routes to fly from Newark to Kolkata?

Answer: If you are unable to book a cheap flight from EWR to CCU , you can use the EWR-Delhi or EWR-Hyderabad route and then reach Kolkata via a different flight. 

Know More about Newark Airport.

Book your flight tickets with Indian Eagle and get ready to experience the joy of flying at affordable prices to the ‘city of joy’. 


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