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State-of-the-Art Self-Baggage Drop Facility Introduced at Delhi Airport

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Delhi Airport is one of the busiest airports in India. The hub received a whopping 7,36,73,708 passengers in 2023-2024. IGI Airport frequently upgrades its facilities in order to enhance travel experience. Be it adding more check in lanes or implementing DigiYatra, Delhi Airport services cater to improving airport journeys. Now to further reduce wait times and enable faster check-ins, an innovative self baggage drop facility at Delhi Airport has been launched. 

Earlier this month Bengaluru Airport revolutionized baggage handling systems by introducing biometric enabled self bag drop facility for domestic flights. And now the self service bag drop at Delhi Airport will let passengers traveling through Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 bypass traditional check-in desks. 

Self-Service Bag Drop Quick Drop Solution

The Indira Gandhi International Airport has set up around 50 self-service bag drop machines. IndiGo, Air India Express, and Air India passengers can print their boarding passes and baggage tags at Common Use Self-Service (CUSS) kiosks. It eliminates the need for a boarding pass or biometric verification, bringing down the processing time from one minute to just 30 seconds. Passengers traveling through Indian Eagle cheap tickets say that this will likely reduce wait times and save up to 30 minutes in the overall check-in process. 

Biometric Registration Kiosks at IGI 

Along with the SSBD units, IGI Airport has also installed five biometric registration kiosks at the international arrival pier. These kiosks will expedite immigration procedures for foreign tourists who obtained visas without submitting biometric information before. Overseen by the Bureau of Immigration, this initiative will reduce the time required by immigration agents by over 50%.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the self-service bag drop quick drop solution work? 

  • Passengers collect and attach bag tags at the Common Use Self-Service kiosks.
  • Travelers then place their bags onto the self service bag drop conveyor belt.
  • Passengers should now select their airline from the SSBD machine.
  • Travelers now need to sign the self-declaration form for dangerous goods with a single click.
  • The system conducts internal checks based on airline criteria and business rules. After verification, the bag is automatically processed.

Which terminals have the new self-service bag drop quick drop solution at IGI?

Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 have installed the new self baggage drop facility at Delhi Airport. 

Which airports in India have the self-service bag drop facility? 

According to DIAL, Delhi Airport is the first airport in India to have the self-service bag drop quick drop solution. Although it is reportedly also implemented at Toronto Airport in Canada. 

The introduction of the self baggage drop facility at Delhi Airport and biometric registration kiosks marks a significant advancement in airport services in India. Such innovations not only speed up processes but also improve the overall travel experience for passengers.

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