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Bengaluru Airport Launches India’s First Biometric-Enabled Self-Bag Drop Facility

Biometric enabled self baggage drop
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Bengaluru International Airport has been setting new benchmarks in the Indian aviation industry. The airport regularly keeps upgrading its facilities and implements new technologies to further enhance passenger experience. Now the Bangalore airport is revolutionizing its baggage handling system by introducing India’s first biometric enabled self bag drop facility. 

Kempegowda International Airport was the first airport in India to initiate a lot of passenger-centric services. Be it launching the BLR Metaport that lets travelers enjoy an immersive 3D virtual experience of Terminal 2 or introducing a fully automated self-bag drop system in 2018, Bangalore Airport has been making the most of the latest technology. 

India’s First Biometric Enabled Self Bag Drop Facility 

The country’s first biometric based self bag drop facility will expedite baggage handling system at Bangalore airport. Currently, this facility is only available at Terminal 2 for passengers traveling with Air India, Vistara and Air India Express. Many aviation enthusiasts are considering it as an extension for Digi Yatra.

By using facial biometric authentication, DigiYatra passengers at BLR can bypass the step of scanning their boarding passes. Travelers can then deposit their luggage quickly and conveniently. This service not only speeds up the baggage handling system but also empowers passengers with greater control over their travel experience.

Bengaluru’s biometric-enabled self-bag drop facility marks a significant advancement in airport technology. It promises to enhance efficiency and passenger satisfaction. As this system expands and evolves, it represents a forward-thinking approach to modern air travel. This balances innovation with security and privacy considerations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kempegowda International Airport the first to introduce a biometric self-bag drop system? 

No, Kempegowda International Airport isn’t the first airport to introduce a biometric self-bag drop system. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) in the US implemented a similar facility in 2022. This has apparently reduced the average processing time to around 70 seconds per passenger, cutting the bag check time by up to 30% at ATL.

How does India’s first biometric-enabled self-bag drop facility work? 

Passengers at the self-bag drop can choose the option to scan facial biometrics for baggage drop. They then select the “DigiYatra” icon and look straight into the camera to save a biometric image. The system generates flight details. It then prompts passengers to declare if they are carrying any dangerous goods.

After placing the bag on the conveyor, passengers can attach a baggage tag, which can be printed at a self-kiosk beforehand or generated by the machine. Later, the bag is weighed, measured, scanned, and put into the baggage handling system, while a baggage receipt is generated. In case of baggage that exceeds allowance, passengers move to a counter to make a payment. Notably, a UPI payment option will soon be available for on-the-spot payments.

Are biometrics compulsory for using the self-bag drop facility at Bangalore Airport? 

No, it is not compulsory. For those who prefer not to use biometrics, the option to scan a boarding pass and initiate the self-bag drop process remains available.

Is the biometric-enabled self-bag drop facility available for international passengers?

No, at present, biometric self bag drop facility is only available for domestic passengers. It will likely be extended for international passengers in the coming months. 

Is the biometric self bag drop at Bangalore airport available at Terminal 1? 

No, currently the biometric enabled self bag drop facility is only available at Terminal 2. It will soon be expanded to Terminal 1 at Bangalore Airport and other domestic airlines as well. 

What are your views on Kempegowda International Airport implementing the country’s first biometric enabled self bag drop facility? Do you think face-scan biometric technology is the future? Comment below and let us know about your thoughts on tech innovation in aviation. 

You can book an Indian Eagle flight to Bangalore and check out the innovative biometric enabled self bag drop facility at the airport. You can then hop on a domestic flight to Delhi, Mumbai or Hyderabad to use the biometric self drop facility.

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