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IndiGo Airlines Plans to Wet Lease 10 Airbus A320s During Peak Travel Season

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As India gears up for the upcoming peak travel season, IndiGo Airlines is taking proactive measures to enhance its fleet and meet the soaring demand. The airline is eyeing the acquisition of 10 Airbus A320 aircraft through wet leasing, a move designed to bolster its capacity swiftly. This initiative highlights IndiGo’s dedication to providing travelers with smooth travel experiences.

IndiGo is currently in discussions with India’s aviation regulator, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), to carry out this ambitious plan. Obtaining the requisite approvals is critical for the airline’s expansion strategy to move forward.  IndiGo remains committed to adhering to regulatory standards while delivering exceptional service.

Indigo Airbus A320s – A Commitment to Expansion

This announcement comes on the heels of IndiGo’s recent leasing agreement with BOC Aviation for 10 Airbus A320neo aircraft, set to join its fleet in 2023. Additionally, the airline expanded its 2019 order of 300 planes with Airbus by adding 10 more A320s. These strategic moves underline IndiGo’s dedication to preparing for the high-demand travel season effectively.

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IndiGo’s recent route announcements, both within and outside India, signal its unwavering commitment to expanding its network. This expansion necessitates a larger fleet to cater to a wider range of destinations and passenger preferences.

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IndiGo flights’ familiarity with wet leasing is not new. Presently, the airline operates two Boeing 777-330ER planes on wet lease from Turkish Airlines, serving exclusive routes from Delhi and Mumbai to Istanbul. This arrangement not only provides IndiGo with valuable experience in operating widebody aircraft but also frees up its narrowbody planes for additional routes.

It’s worth noting that wet leasing, unlike dry leasing, involves the lessor providing the crew to operate the aircraft. In a dry lease, a commercial airline leases the aircraft from the lessor for a specified period but operates it with its own crew. 

IndiGo Airlines’ strategic move to wet-lease 10 Airbus A320s showcases its commitment to elevating the passenger experience and expanding its footprint in the Indian aviation industry. As the peak travel season approaches, travelers can expect more options and enhanced services from this leading airline.

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