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Discover Distinctive Travel Preferences of Gen X, Gen Z and Millennials

Gen X, Gen Z and Millennials Insights
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Travel is a common desire that spans across generations. Whether you were born in the swinging sixties, the tech-savvy nineties, or the new millennium, every person has an instinctive need to explore our wide planet. However, as time goes on and cultural customs change, the manner you go on your adventures changes dramatically. Travel firms are constantly seeking to understand the various itinerary choices of three generations of globetrotters: Gen X, Gen Z and millennials

When it comes to traveling the world, every group has its own set of interests, objectives, and expectations. Here you will explore the difference between Gen X, millennials and Gen Z travel preferences.

Generation Z 

In the realm of travel, Gen Z is the rising star poised to make a significant impact in the coming years. These digital natives are unafraid to chase their travel dreams, driven by the constant stream of travel goals on platforms like Instagram.

What Gen Z Looks for When Traveling?

Budget over Comfort: With limited purchasing power and many still reliant on parents, Gen Z values affordability, making them avid seekers of discounts and destinations offering value for money.

Travel and Eco-Consciousness: Gen Z’s strong environmental awareness drives their preference for eco-friendly transport and sustainable destinations, and they’re willing to contribute to restoration projects.

Hyper-Connected Wanderers: As tech-savvy individuals, Gen Z uses technology at every travel stage, staying connected with peers and using social media as a travel inspiration tool.


Born in the early ’80s to mid-’90s, Millennials are the driving force behind the travel industry’s growth. With an average of 35 days of holiday each year, they seek unique, authentic, and meaningful experiences. 

What Millennials Look for When Traveling?

Value Convenience: Millennials prioritize convenience over cost, willing to pay extra for superior experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Travel as a Detox: Despite their social media presence, Millennials occasionally disconnect to gain deeper self-perspectives.

Yearning for Real Adventure: Millennials are adventure-seekers, constantly diversifying their lives with unique experiences they can cherish and share.

Generation X

Born from the late ’60s to 1980, Gen Xers come from an era when technology was limited to computers. Although settled into their routines, they find ways to explore the world.

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What Gen Xers Look for When Traveling?

Rely on Recommendations: Gen Xers value word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family when choosing destinations due to their reluctance toward change.

Family-Oriented Retreats: With family obligations, they opt for family-oriented travel, combining enriching experiences with quality time.

Simplicity Seekers: Gen Xers prefer uncomplicated, all-inclusive trips at boutique properties, cruises, or cross-country tours for an experience-focused journey.

In the year 2023, a world of travel opportunities awaits for Gen X, Gen Z and millennials. The allure of international vacations remains strong, with a growing fascination for less-crowded destinations offering a taste of the extraordinary.

So, whether you identify with the boundless enthusiasm of Gen Z, the experiential quests of Millennials, or the seasoned wisdom of Gen X, one truth remains constant: the world is an ever-unfolding map, inviting each generation to explore, learn, and create memories that transcend time. So, which group do you represent Gen X, millennials and Gen Z? Regardless of your generational label, the journey is yours to embrace, and the adventure is waiting just around the corner. 

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