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Indian Tourists Continue Flocking to the US in Record Numbers

More than 1.5 lakh Indian tourists have visited the US this year
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It’s a known fact that Indians visit the USA in record numbers every year. The American dream is not just limited to working or studying in the country but people also visit the country on vacation or to meet friends and family. In 2023, more than 1.5 lakh Indian tourists have set foot on American soil. This is despite facing steep airfares and visa processing delays. The rise in people from India visiting the US showcases the undeterred spirit of Indian globetrotters.

Indians Rank Second in Overseas Visits

Indians have emerged as the second-largest group of overseas visitors to the United States this year, right after the tourists from the UK. Even though air travel costs have increased, you can make use of the ongoing Indian Eagle deals to save on your trip to and from USA. Indians have been traversing the country for various purposes, including visiting friends and family, pursuing education, and conducting business.

A Thriving Summer Travel Season

June 2023 witnessed an extraordinary surge in international visitor arrivals through flights to USA, totaling a staggering 49.9 lakh tourists. This number represents a remarkable increase of almost 25% compared to the same month in the previous year. 

India on the Map

Despite the challenges posed by high airfares and visa processing bottlenecks, India has stood out as a key player in America’s tourism landscape. During this peak summer travel month, more than 1.5 lakh Indians explored the US, marking their presence among the top five source markets. These figures reaffirm the deep connections between India and the US, driven by diverse factors like family visits, academic pursuits, and business endeavors.

Visa Backlog Eliminated

Addressing one of the significant challenges faced by Indian travelers, the US Consulate General, Mumbai announced in August that it had successfully cleared the remaining visa backlog caused by the pandemic. This development allowed applicants to schedule their appointments for the immigrant visa interviews within the required time frame. This significantly streamlined the visa application process.

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As Indian tourists continue to flock to the US in record numbers, it’s clear that the enduring allure of American landscapes and experiences remains as potent as ever, transcending all barriers and obstacles. 

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