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7 Spooky Halloween Parties in USA You Can Attend This Year

Halloween Parties in USA
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People celebrate Halloween Parties in USA as popularly as Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Every year the Halloween celebrations are becoming grand and big.

A greater number of tourists participate in Halloween celebrations which entertain them with parties, parades, performances, and shows. 

Halloween parties in USA 2022 are arranged on a grand scale with more costumes, haunted houses, pumpkin patches, and the scariest witches and ghost stories.

Here are a few amazing Halloween parties in USA 2022

1) Emma Crawford Festival

2) Sea Witch Festival

3) Village Halloween Parade

4) Marquee NYC

5) Haunted Fest

6) Day of The Dead Festival

7) Sleepy Hollow Halloween 

1) Emma Crawford Festival

This is an unusual festival held in Colorado in memory of Emma Crawford, an important person in local history. First held in 1995, people race coffins during the festival. 

One Emma and four impersonating mourners involve in a race moving a wheeled coffin. This is one-of-a-kind race and people from various parts of the US travel here to witness this race. It is held at Manitou Springs, Colorado.

2) Sea Witch Festival

The Sea Witch Festival is one of the most unique Halloween Parties in USA. You can see this festival happening every year on Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. You can also participate in competitions like Pumpkin’s weight guessing, and spitting seed. 

Enjoy live music and acts here throughout the night. If you are a person willing to sit and enjoy near the bonfire, then be happy to sit with people around the bonfire on the beach. You can drink, say ghost stories and do some pranks.

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3) Village Halloween Parade

You will see people celebrating the Village Halloween Parade amazingly. People start filling up Manhattan’s Greenwich Village rapidly to celebrate the party together.

Artists animate giant puppets for the event. Participants in this event might get a chance to animate puppets. 

“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ’tis near Halloween.”

4) Marquee NYC

No one knows that Marquee NYC conducts Halloween parties. A nightclub in New York City, Marquee NYC is a famous party club with extraordinarily colorful lights, disco performances, and a multitiered dance club. 

This club has been conducting Electric Halloween parties for a couple of years now. Alesso was named in the year 2018. The ceilings, screens, and night owls attract visitors here. You can have a great time dancing the whole night to good music.

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5) Haunted Fest

Every year, people host this fest, and DJs from different parts of the world participate in an electrifying dance party in this Haunted Fest. This is one of the best Halloween parties in USA held in Columbus.

You will see nearly 800 people participating in this fest and famous DJs like Hardwell and DJ Parker too perform here. Join this fest at Ohio Expo Center in Columbus and have ultimate fun.

6) Day of The Dead Festival

One of the biggest Halloween parties in USA the Day of the Dead Festival is traditionally celebrated in a grand manner. People call it Dia de Los Muertos and celebrate in the Latin American Style in Houston, Texas. They decorate the entire city with crafts and artwork.

7) Sleepy Hollow Halloween

 A village steeped in the legend of Headless Horseman; Sleepy Hollow is among the most visited places in New York during the Halloween celebrations. Brace yourself during the cemetery tour as most people claim to have seen the headless horseman! 

You can see performances of live music, street shows, dressing parties, etc. One of the highlights of the celebration is a tour of Jay Ghoul’s House of Curiosities, where you will meet some spooky legends like Maleficent, Wicked Witch of the West, and Dracula.

Facts About Halloween

1. Candy Corn was earlier called Chicken Feed.
2. “Halloween Folklore” is full of magic and fortune-telling
3. Jack o’lantern comes from the Irish legend of Stingy Jack who cheated death and tricked the devil three times and was not allowed into heaven and hell.
4. Trick-or-treating became popular in the late 1930s as a Halloween activity in the US and it was first mentioned in the “American Home” magazine.
5. Halloween is older than Christianity dating back more than 2,000 years. Its origin is the Celtic Festival of Samhain, meaning the ‘summer’s end.
6. According to Google, the most popular children’s Halloween costume in 2022 is a witch costume.


1. When are the Halloween parties in USA held?

A.Halloween parties in USA are held on 31st October every year.

2. Which are the best places to celebrate Halloween 2022 in USA?

A .The best Halloween parties in USA are most likely to be held at Keene Pumpkin Festival in New Hampshire, Village Halloween Parade in New York, West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval in California, and Festival of the Dead in Massachusetts.

3. How is Halloween celebrated in the USA?

A .People celebrate Halloween in USA with costume parties, by telling ghost and witch stories, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, and knocking on doors with the words “Trick or Treat!” for candy.

4. Why do people in the USA celebrate Halloween?

A .People celebrate Halloween to prevent spirits that come back to life to harm people and crops. The tradition is to dress up in costumes and light bonfires to ward off the dead who might return back to their homes.

5. Which US city has the largest Halloween parade?

A .The Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, held annually in Manhattan, is the world’s largest Halloween parade.

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