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Airport activities – Cheeky games to play when you are stuck at the airport

Airport activities
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Your excitement regarding your trip might have got you to the airport before flight time; or you might have hurried your way to the airport not to miss the flight; or it might be crucial for you to reach your destination at estimated landing time in order to avoid being a late attendee to your business meeting –imagine being stuck at the airport due to any definite or vague reason! That announcement of the flight being deferred or cancelled is enough to leave you fuming.

Well, we all know such uncertainties are beyond our control. In situations where you cannot help but wait; take a deep breath and think of ways to enjoy the inevitable interim. Playing games would be fun, think of the games to play at the airport. While many sophisticated airports like Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport etc. accommodate restaurants, spas, gym, lounges and playrooms for kids providing you with many options of airport activities, the unsolicited interval never seems to end even after skimming through magazines, having food, relaxing at spa or exerting yourself at gym. So, we have come up with some cheerful game ideas.

  1. I Spy – spy your surroundings:

Start playing ‘I Spy’ with your companion/s. If you take pride that you are a detailed observer of your surroundings, prove it to your group by winning ‘I Spy’. You can choose this game to play at the airport with a group involving two or more members. Choose any object from around without saying it aloud and start giving hints until the other person correctly guesses what you’ve picked. In a group, the first person who correctly specifies the object in your mind gets the turn and s/he starts giving hints of the thing s/he noticed. And as this game of noticing the things in the airport goes on, so does the time go unnoticed.

  1. The Memory Game – What’s your IQ?

Take a playful test of your IQ level by getting your group ready for this game to play at the airport. Say out any random word and the person next to you will have to repeat yours before saying out their word. And the third person will have to repeat his predecessor’s two words and add another word. Thus, the fourth person will repeat the first, second and third words and then add his word. When the circle reaches the first person, s/he must repeat all the words in order and add another word. Any person who doesn’t repeat the sequence is dismissed. Get as many members as possible to make this game difficult and effective at the same time.

  1. What do you know? Let’s find out.

This is an interesting game to play at the airport involving the destinations on departure board. Begin with the first destination in the list and tell the facts you know about the place. It can be anything like the capital city or currency of the place; famous places; historic events etc. Win a point for each fact. The next person says what s/he knows about the next destination in the list. By the end of the destinations in the list, the person with the highest points is declared a winner! (If you think that the opponent is fooling you with wrong facts, check out in Google to know the truth and outsmart them to be the unanimous winner).

  1. Scavenger hunting at Airport:

Whether alone or with a group, a simple pastime game to play at the airport is Scavenger hunt. Make a list of the random things that would be generally found, ranging from items in the stores of the airport or things like a stroller, blue suitcase, to a man wearing brown tie and a lady in black suit.  If pen and paper are not handy, write down in your notepad on mobile. Cross off the items when you see them. If all the items are found, gift yourself something from the airport stores. In a group, the person who finds most or all of the items wins!

  1. Recall what you see?

Recalling is another pastime airport activity.  Notice the details with this game to play at the airport, taking it as a challenge to your observation skills and memory.  All you need to do is look at a specific area in the airport for 60 seconds and then turn back. Now recall all the things that you have observed in those 60 seconds and make a list in the next 60 seconds. The person with the highest items in their list wins the game! You’ve got to applaud their recalling capacity.

If you are a sole travaller done with all entertaining activities, games and walking around the airport; take out your smartphone, download the game apps like PUBG and start playing!

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