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A Unique Dinosaur Festival is Underway in India. Here are the Details!

Dinosaur Festival in India
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The fact is that the giant Dinosaurs went extinct even before primitive humans came into existence! But they have always sparked the imagination of humans ever since the first fossil of a dinosaur was unearthed almost 350 years ago.

And even after millions of years of their extinction, they are anything but forgotten. There is still a lot of curiosity to know the facts related to dinosaurs and in celebration of these once-powerful creatures, Dinosaur Days are also observed twice a year, on 15 May and 1 June. On this occasion, the Dinosaur Festival India has planned Dinosaur Festivals in different cities across the country between May and August.

These exhibitions feature larger-than-life replicas of different dinosaur species that lived in India around 65 million years ago. Come face-to-face with the 20m tall Brachiosaurus with its moving tail, the Tyrannosaurus Rex with its scary teeth 12 inches long, and other formidable species like Triceratops, Isisaurus, Rajasaurus, and Bruhathkayosaurus among others.

An unforgettable experience of the Jurassic world is on offer at these Dinosaur Festivals. For anyone interested in dinosaurs and their era, isn’t this enough reason to book your flight to Delhi or Mumbai or Chennai, the host cities? You can plan a visit to these exhibitions with your kids as they are bound to have a gala time at the dinosaur festival, enjoying fun activities like fossil excavations, jumping castles, amusement rides and even get their photo clicked with these Mesozoic era animals.

Here are the details about Dinosaur Festivals in Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai.

Dinosaur Fest, Delhi:

Dates: 27 May to 26 June

Venue: International Trade Expo Centre

Dinosaur Festival in Chennai:

Dates: 10 June to 19 June

Venue: Chennai Centre

Dinosaur Festival in Mumbai:

Dates: 7 July to 8 August

Venue: Phoenix Mall

Depending on when you book the entry ticket during the dinosaur festival period (that is, during the first few weeks or toward the end, or sometime in between), the cost of a ticket for kids ranges from INR 250 to INR 830. For seniors, INR 320 is the minimum ticket price and the maximum fare can go up to INR 1070. The ticket price varies from INR 380 to INR 1420 for adults. The Dinosaur Festival India is also offering tickets for families with four people, 8-membered groups, and also for groups consisting of 20 members (a mix of kids and adults). Weekend tickets are costlier than weekday tickets, so plan your visit accordingly and enjoy this unique festival!

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