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5 Best Places for Road Trips from Bengaluru

Road Trips from Bengaluru
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There’s something exciting and liberating about chasing the endless roads and discovering new places. If you are traveling to Bengaluru, it is recommended that you plan short road trips from the city to explore its surrounding tourist attractions. So, get behind the wheel, hit the road and enjoy these road trips from Bengaluru.

Bengaluru to Nandi Hills (60km)

Nandi Hills is a perfect destination for a short one-day road trip from Bengaluru. The hills are known to offer breathtaking sunrise views, and so it is recommended that you start on this road trip before the crack of dawn. Once you drive to your destination on the quiet roads, it’s time for a quick morning exercise. Climb the 1,200 well-laid stone steps and get to the top of Nandi Durg to watch the sunrise over this sleepy town.

Enjoy the panorama of the beautiful village from here and then, go explore the ancient forts, temples, and other historical ruins scattered on the hills. Check out Tipu Sultan’s Fort, Tipu’s Drop, the 500-year-old Sri Gavi Veerabhadra Swamy Temple, Amrita Sarovar, and the Nandeeshwara Temple.

Bengaluru to Ramanagaram (47 km)

The name ‘Ramanagaram’ might not instantly ring a bell, but if you are a Bollywood enthusiast, then Ramgarh most probably does! Yes, this is the village that was portrayed as Ramgarh in the iconic Bollywood movie Sholay. Situated on the Bengaluru-Mysore Highway, NH 275, this quaint village is only an hour’s drive from the city and thus, is a popular destination for weekend road trips from Bengaluru.

The lush hills, huge granite boulders, and rivers and streams flowing through Ramanagaram provide amazing opportunities for both relaxation and adventure. Trek to the top of Ramadevara Betta for sweeping views of the village and enjoy thrilling activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, kayaking, canoeing etc. Night trekking and camping are other interesting activities to do here.

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Bengaluru to Skandagiri (70 km)

Another perfect place for a short road trip from Bengaluru, Skandagiri is known to offer several unique experiences and thus, many unforgettable memories. This ancient hill fortress, also called Kalavara Betta or Kalavara Durga, is a favorite haunt for night trekkers. Set out on this road trip a little late in the night and discover the fun and thrill of night trekking.

Drive along NH-44 and park your vehicle when you reach Papagni Math, which is the base point for the trek. The 3-hour trek usually starts after midnight. At the campsites on the hilltop, you can enjoy a bonfire under the stars. An even more magical experience awaits you at sunrise! In the soft rays of the sun that rises silently over the misty valley, you will realize that you are surrounded by a bed of clouds, literally!

Bengaluru to Hogenakkal Falls (125 km)

How about a road trip to nearby waterfalls? If this sounds great, then Hogenakkal Falls in Tamil Nadu’s Dharmapuri district is one of the best options for a road trip from Bengaluru. Formed by the Kaveri River, the falls feature several cascades with a drop ranging between 15 and 65 feet. Simply put, the Hogenakkal Falls is a breathtaking beauty!

Water gushes over majestic carbonatite rocks (one of the oldest of their kind in the world) with great force, thus making thundering roars and the water spray it creates looks like smoke against the rocky backdrop. This is the reason why the falls are called Hogenakkal – ‘Hoge’ is a Kannada word for ‘smoke’ and ‘Kal’ means ‘rocks’. The drive to Hogenakkal Falls is just as beautiful, with the scenery of verdant banana and coconut plantations trailing alongside the road.

Bengaluru to Lepakshi (125 km)

A charming village situated in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, Lepakshi is a place with great historical, cultural, architectural, archaeological, and mythological significance. This is believed to be the place where the mythological bird Jatayu fell to the ground when his wings were chopped off by Ravana. Thus, folklore explains the origin of the name Lepakshi, which means ‘Rise, O bird!” in the local language. Lepakshi is famous for its grand Lepakshi Temple with a mysterious hanging pillar and a huge monolithic statue of Nandi. Plan your road trip to Lepakshi and explore this heritage village.

Other interesting road trip destinations near Bengaluru include Savandurga (50 km away), Avalabetta (95 km away), Sangam (95 km away) Mysore (145 km away), and BR Hills (170 km away). Add these road trips from Bengaluru to your itinerary and enjoy your detours from the city. Are you planning a trip to the Garden City? We offer year-round deals on flight tickets to Bengaluru. Check out our best deals and book your flights now!

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