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Denver International Airport Unveils FAA-Funded Taxiway for Smooth Airport Operations

FAA's Largest Safety Project Denver International Airport Opens New Taxiway
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Taxiway EE at Denver International Airport became operational on Tuesday. Identified as the FAA’s largest safety project, it was completed on time and with minimum disruption to airport operations.

Taxiway EE provides unrestricted access to and from Runway 17L-35R by removing a hazard ‘hot spot’ previously located at the intersection of Taxiway M and Taxiway ED. A ‘hot spot’ is an area of an airport with a high risk of accidents, including runway incursions and crashes.

With the addition of Taxiway EE, aircraft no longer need to navigate an active runway (Runway 17R) to take off from Runway 17L. This significant increase in speed expedites operations and increases runway capacity. So the next time you book Indian Eagle cheap flights, you can get a firsthand experience of the improvised airport efficiency. 

Denver Airport Takes a Step Towards Safety Excellence

Denver had a record-breaking month in June, with its highest-ever passenger flow, and it expects to serve up to 80 million people this year. The airport now has six active runways and has conducted research into the possibility of adding a seventh runway, though this is not expected to happen for several years. This newly introduced option considerably reduces risk while increasing total system efficiency and capacity by an astonishing 10%. 

Illumination and Runway Improvement

The airport has also received a $30.6 million fund from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act for the renovation of Runway 17L-35R. This massive project includes not only critical runway repairs but also the shift to cutting-edge LED lighting systems, among other necessary modifications.

The all-around expenditure of this massive project is predicted to reach $41.7 million, with the budget covering the vast majority of the costs. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, directed by the Biden Administration, has contributed more than $200 million to airports across the country for the sole purpose of enhancing lighting systems. This improvement in airport infrastructure brings the country’s airports into the modern era.

Denver International Airport’s recent upgrades highlight the airport’s constant dedication to safety, efficiency, and the future development of air travel in the USA.  With Denver Airport’s newly announced taxiway transformation, you can expect a seamless travel experience no matter if you are traveling on domestic or cheap international flight tickets.

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