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Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport Ranks Among Top 10 Busiest Airports in the World

Top 10 busiest airports in the world
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Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport has secured a spot among the top 10 busiest airports in the world for 2023. The achievement is made possible by India’s growing air travel demand and connectivity, as well as the effective infrastructure and smooth operations of the airport. 

The global air traffic for 2023 is expected to be near 8.5 billion passengers, showing a significant 93.8% bounce back to pre-pandemic figures and a 27.2% increase over the previous year. This increase represents a global trend of recovery, with international travel almost equal to domestic traffic. This recovery proves vital to the aviation industry’s continued expansion.

Delhi Airport Passenger Traffic

In 2023, more than 7.22 crore tourists traveled through Delhi Airport, lower than ninth place in 2022. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport tops the ranking with over 10.46 crore travelers. It is followed by Dubai International Airport and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, which have significant passenger numbers of over 8.69 crore and 8.17 crore.

The top 10 world’s busiest airports also include London Heathrow, Tokyo Haneda, Denver, Istanbul, Los Angeles, and Chicago O’Hare airports. In total, these ten airports bring in approximately 10% of global traffic, with a 19.8% rise year over year. 

Whether you’re planning a journey from the USA to India or any other destination, these airports provide an extensive range of international travel, connecting various places easily.

Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport stands as an important hub in the global aviation network. Its ranking among the top 10 busiest airports in the world indicates the global travel industry’s resilience and expansion, especially because of the pandemic’s challenges. 

The airport’s continuous efficiency not only strengthens India’s worldwide connection but also expands economic opportunities by encouraging more tourism and business travel. If you’re planning a vacation soon, book Indian Eagle cheap flights. So you can enjoy a budget-friendly and enjoyable trip.

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