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It’s High Time You Paid Attention to These Commonly Confused Air Travel Terms

Commonly confused air travel terms

Would you book a nonstop flight or a direct flight when seeking the shortest route to your destination? Or, if a connecting flight is your preferred choice, have you ever distinguished between a stopover and a layover? There are certain air travel terms like these that sound quite similar but are actually different. Given their confusing nature, it’s not surprising that these aviation terms are often misunderstood even by seasoned travelers.

Some other pairs of commonly confused air travel terms include ‘transfer and transit’, ‘round robin and open jaw flights’, and ‘split and return tickets’. The difference between a few of them might not be substantial, but understanding the nuances of these terms is crucial to make the right choice when booking flights. Below is the infographic explaining the most commonly confused air travel terms. Go through it and get them straight!

Air Travel Terms

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