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5 Types Of Travel Personalities: What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

5 types of travel personalities: What kind of traveler are you?
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Isn’t it interesting that different travelers have different things to tell about the same destination? There is no one-size-fits-all approach to traveling as it is a subjective experience, and so every traveler’s idea of a perfect vacation varies. Your travel personality, i.e., how you identify yourself as a traveler, defines your vacation needs and decides your travel destination. 

While some travelers are on a soul-searching mission, there are some others who travel to experience different cultures and a few others for whom adventure is the travel motive. We have listed here the 5 most common travel personality types.

5 Types of Travel Personalities: What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

Soul Searcher:

People with this travel personality travel not to discover the world but themselves. Traveling for them is a transformative experience, a journey of self-discovery, a means of finding themselves and the purpose of this life. They seek solace and inner peace, look at life through the lens of spirituality, and look for new experiences that teach them new lessons. 

Soul searches often travel solo to secluded and serene places so as to allow themselves freedom and time for self-reflection. They travel at a slow pace, usually spending more time at their destination than typical travelers.  

City Slicker:

On one side, there are city dwellers who can’t wait to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities, and on the other side, there are city slickers who prefer traveling to places like New York, Paris, London, Bangkok, Dubai, Singapore, Italy, Delhi, etc., so they don’t have to forgo the comforts of a modern metropolis. 

This type of travel personality loves the idea of ‘life in big cities’. They adore everything about glamorous cities – its skyscrapers, bright lights, buzzing streets, trendy restaurants, shopping culture, vibrant nightlife, and a grand variety of entertainment and myriad recreational facilities these ‘big’ cities offer. 

Culture vulture:

The prime motive of traveling for the culture vultures is immersing themselves in the cultural experience of a place. They don’t limit their trip to visiting the popular tourist attractions; instead, they intend to experience a place like a local. Their idea is to discover the real heart of a country by discovering its inhabitants. 

The historical and cultural heritage of a place, its traditions, languages, festivals, art and architecture interest this type of travel personality. They like to interact with the locals (often seek their guidance as to what to see and do), taste local dishes, shop in the local markets, and go about like a local. 

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Adventure seeker:

Adventure seekers live by the quote, ‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.’ They crave different experiences; adrenaline-pumping adventures excite them the most! They want to hike the tallest mountains, dive in deep seas, skydive from a high altitude, jump off a cliff, cross the wild rapids on a raft, and the risk factor involved in these adventure sports is what they readily accept as a challenge. According to these daredevils, the higher the risk involved, the greater the thrill! These adventure junkies enjoy conquering challenges and the sense of achievement they get from doing so.     

Typical traveler:

By typical travelers, we mean travelers who like their trips to be organized and well-planned. A travel itinerary makes them feel confident that their trip goes smoothly. In fact, they plan their trip to a T in advance and then go ahead to book international flight tickets. They swear by the tour guides and city maps and visit all the tourist places their destination is known for and indulge in typical touristy activities to make the most of their vacation. Travelers visiting a place for the first time typically fall under this type of travel personality.  

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