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City Guide of Ahmedabad – The Secrets to Explore the Largest city of Gujarat

City Guide of Ahmedabad
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Ahmedabad is one of the oldest cities of India, existing for over 600 years now and is the first World Heritage City declared by UNESCO. What made the city get the privileged honor is the rich history, culture, art and heritage. If you want to get amazed and awestruck by the indescribable architecture and medieval art of India, Ahmedabad is the place. The city has been under the rule of several emperors and dynasties that have made it possess a strong heritage and legacy. The lifestyle of the locales, their food, their possessions, everything is much worthy of an experience. Our city guide of Ahmedabad will help you unveil the true side of the city on your visit.

Note: The best time to explore Ahmedabad is between the months of October and March. Planning a trip during this period will help you get away with the intense summers.

 Ahmedabad – To and From the Airport

The Ahmedabad International airport is situated 9 kilometers to the North of the central city and booking a prepaid taxi from the airport will cost you 600INR approximately. However, the exact amount depends on your destination. Hiring auto rickshaws from the airport will cost you an average amount of 250INR to reach the old city (again, it depends on your exact destination).

Some Auto rickshaw drivers do not tend to use the meters for fare calculation so better learn the art of negotiation before you set off for the city.

Ahmedabad – Getting Around in the city

Transportation facility within the city is accessible from every corner. You can rely on the public transport as the AMTS buses have covers almost all the major areas of the city. The prices are also cheaper, somewhere between INR3 to INR25 based on the distance sought to be traveled.

If you are in need of booking a taxi in Ahmedabad, it will cost you a nominal price of INR 40 for meter drop then almost INR 20 for each subsequent mile. The prices might vary as per the latest rate charts. In case you want to travel keeping your privacy reserved you can book a car for a fixed price per day.

Ahmedabad – Where to Stay

The city has all types of accommodation options starting from a luxurious room in a 5-star hotel, a mid-range hotel room at affordable price to a backpacker hub for solo budget travelers. Being the biggest city in the state of Gujarat, Ahmedabad has both an old and new side for the tourists to explore. Likewise, there are hotels suitable for each kind of travelers suiting to every budget. You can choose the luxurious suite type room at Le Meridian and Taj Gateway or choose from the comfortable budget hotels like Hotel Royal Highness and Hotel Ambassador. There are several others that you can find in the city.

Ahmedabad – Places to eat

To all the foodies planning a travel to the city, you are going to love the food during your Ahmedabad city tour. The city has some of the fantastic restaurants in the state, right from the traditional, authentic Gujarati Thali to molecular cuisine and Mughlai curries. You will find food stalls selling mouth-watering street food in the old city at Law Garden and Manek Chowk area. There are several upmarket restaurants inside hotels in the west of the city. To name a few, check out the succulent food at Vishala, Agashiye, Nautanki – Gastronomical Drama, Zen Café, Green House and New Lucky Restaurant.

Ahmedabad – Things to do and see

Welcome to Ahmedabad! The city is replete with tourist attractions for the enthusiastic tourists traveling from far off lands. From museums, handicraft centers and art galleries to the well-defined architectural structures, Ahmedabad is known to preserve its legacy and culture of Gujarat since years. If you are a Gandhi follower, pay a visit to the historic Gandhi Memorial Museum and Library to know about the man better. Established in the year 1949, the Calico Museum is a mandatory stop for shoppers before they head towards buying clothes. The museum has all the information about the history of textile industry in India. It has exhibited the finest collection of modern Indian textiles and antiques.

As you study the detailed map of Ahmedabad city, you will realize there’s no dearth of incredible tourist spots around. Visit the enchanting temples and pacifying mosques, intriguing museums and high-held skyscrapers. Some of the most important places to visit in Ahmedabad are the architectural marvel Jama Masjid, Sarkhej Roza Mosque, Sidi Sayyed Mosque in Khanpur, Sabarmati Ashram and the Swaminarayan Temple. As you discover the beauty of Ahmedabad, you will fall in love with the city’s charm.

Ahmedabad – Places to Shop

There are some exclusive markets in the city of Ahmedabad like Sarkhej, CG Road and Lal Darwaja. You need to learn the art of haggling to get the alluring craft items and textiles from Lal Darwaja. It is the biggest bazaar (market) in the city with textile stands, food stalls, jewelry vendors and anything that you can think about.

In CG Road, one can find the most trusted jewelry shops and even comfortable hotels to stay and dine. CG Road has been the all-time favorite of travelers upmarket.


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