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8 Easy Ways to Get Airport Lounge Access for All Types of Travelers

Airport Lounge Access
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Not all travelers can afford to pay for business class flights all the time. But that does not mean we shouldn’t enjoy the perks offered by airport lounges. This is where our simple and super-effective ways to get airport lounge access will come in handy. While First and Business Class travelers can waltz into any posh lounge, it’s not as easy for Economy Class travelers. But simple or not, it can be done. Yes, you too can get access to an airport lounge without having to break your bank. Spend your long layover downing free drinks and food at the airport lounge while enjoying free WiFi as well. Take a mini vacation even before you reach your holiday destination! How? We’ve explained in brief the top and easiest ways to get airport lounge access below. Take a look now!

How to Get Airport Lounge Access Without First or Business Class Tickets:

Knowing how to find super-cheap flights is not enough for affordable air travel these days. Take it a notch higher by using these simple ways to get airport lounge access. These will be useful even if you’re making an emergency trip on last minute flights with long layovers. Read on to learn about some very smart ways to score access to airport lounges like a pro!

Airport Lounge Day Pass

You need not have to invest in luxury class flights to access airport lounges. You can simply get a day pass. This is among the easiest ways to get airport lounge access. Many airlines sell day passes which passengers can use to get into their airport lounges. If this is not available outside of the US, you can get passes via other programs. This is the best airport lounge access card to get for a single day.

Pay-per-Use Lounges

Run by private companies, there are independent lounges that can be accessed regardless of flight class and airline. Gain access to one of these online or directly at the airport lounge. You will be charged a small amount depending on how long you wish to stay. Look for popular platforms such as Priority Pass or Lounge Buddy for getting passes online.

Airport Lounge Membership

If you travel internationally a lot and mostly use just one airline, getting an Airline Lounge Membership will be useful. This is the simplest of ways to get airport lounge access. Such membership will also enable you to access alliance lounges such as Oneworld Airlines and Star Alliance. However, before you apply, check to make sure that the destinations you frequently fly to actually have airport lounges.

Join Frequent Flyer Programs and gain Elite Status

Frequent flyers who prefer particular airline (as well as airlines in the same alliance) to fly with can enroll in the airline’s Frequent Flyer Programs. This will help earn miles as you fly frequently. Once you reach the elite level, you can get access to the airline’s airport lounges across the world. Not just this, you can also gain complimentary access to the airline’s partnered airline lounges as well!

Third-Party Vendor

This is among the best ways to get airport lounge access. There are many third-party vendors that will sell you a pass to hundreds of airport lounges in the world. For instance, Priority Pass is one such platform that can get you access to over 1200 airport lounges across the world. Also, there are different levels to choose from so that you can pay only as much as you want to.

Pick the right Credit Card

Although it may carry a hefty fee, the right credit card is among the easiest ways to get airport lounge access. “What credit card gives you access to airport lounges?” you may ask. Take, for instance, the American Express Platinum Card. For a little over $500 or so, cardholders can access innumerable airport lounges across the world. The card also offers free access to Delta Sky Clubs. So, check carefully and get the best airport lounge access credit card.

Try for a class upgrade

Be polite, dress well, and simply request the airline staff at the check-in counter for an upgrade to luxury class. This is among the easiest ways to get airport lounge access. Many times, airlines have no qualms handing out free business class upgrades if they have them. This will be an incredible boon for elderly travelers, pregnant women, and those traveling with young kids.

Ask someone to allow you access as their guest

This is among the best ways to get airport lounge access even if you’re booking international flights for traveling in Economy Class. Several travelers have relied on the kindness of strangers by standing at the airport lounge entrance and simply asking people on their way inside to bring them in as their guest. Surprisingly, the luxury class travelers on their way inside the lounge have obliged. So, keep your fingers crossed, ask away, and hope this is your lucky day!

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