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Air Travel Assistance for Seniors to Make their Journey Hassle-Free


air travel assistance for seniors

Traveling from the USA to India or any other long-haul destination can be exciting for many people but it can be a little difficult for the elderly. Air travel assistance for seniors is available to make their journey more convenient, especially if traveling alone. This helps them to get assistance during the boarding process, the journey, or even when taking a connecting flight.

If you are worried about your parents traveling alone, you can opt for air travel assistance for elders. Through this, your parents can get help during the flight and can avail personal services through a flight nurse. Such facilities can be helpful when older people are suffering from various health issues. Apart from this, most Indians also need assistance with understanding the language when traveling via international flights as they only speak their mother tongue. 

How to Get Assistance at Airport for Elderly?

Here are the different types of flight assistance for elderly passengers so they can have a hassle-free travel experience.

Mobility Assistance

Most senior citizens face difficulty in walking due to their extreme old age or health problems. Hence, mobility assistance at the airport is what can help your parents or grandparents. Many world-class airports offer wheelchair and mobility scooter rentals, which can be pre-booked or arranged when required. Airlines also provide in-flight assistance to senior citizens who need it. So, you can relax while your parents are on a long-haul flight journey

Priority Boarding

In order to help them get on the flight with ease, priority boarding is one of the best air travel assistance for seniors. This can help the older people avoid the crowds and long lines that can be both stressful and tiring. Priority boarding also ensures that senior citizens have extra time to get settled before the flight takes off and avoid flight anxiety.

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Special Meals for Dietary Restrictions

In addition to mobility assistance and priority boarding, many airlines offer special meals for passengers with dietary restrictions or medical conditions such as diabetes or lactose intolerance. This can provide them with specialized diets so they do not compromise on their food intake. 

Choose the Right Seat

Senior citizens are provided with comfortable seats so they do not get tired due to the long flight. You can choose the aisle seats as these have more leg room and are closer to the restroom. You can also book cheap business class flights with Indian Eagle at affordable prices so your parents can travel comfortably.

Senior Citizen Discount

Most airlines such as Air India offer a senior citizen concession on economy class seats. Look for the best one and book an itinerary for your parents on a discount. You can also make use of the best summer flight offers to get cheap flight tickets. 

Language Assistance

Your grandparents might speak the mother tongue and can have difficulty in speaking English. To solve the language barrier of non-native speakers, airports offer help through volunteer staff at many information desks. It is one of the most helpful air travel assistance for seniors, especially Indians. 

To ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience, it is important that you plan your parents or grandparents travel in advance and communicate their needs to the airline. This also includes requesting assistance prior to the departure date, bringing the required medical documentation, and notifying the airline of special requests if any.

Now you know about different types of air travel assistance for seniors which helps them have a comfortable journey. If you are traveling to the USA and wondering how to book a cheap international flight. Just visit Indian Eagle and book your flight tickets easily. 

So, why wait? Plan your trip, book cheap flights and give your parents or grandparents a comfortable travel experience.

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