New England’s Sri Radha Damodar Temple is Now Open to Offer Rollercoaster Ride of Love, Devotion, Spirituality

The divine bliss and spiritual enrichment of America continues to run high with the recent inauguration of Sri Radha Damodar Temple in New England; all thanks to the local Indian immigrant community. Deemed the largest Hare Krishna temple in the northeast USA, this new destination for all Krishna devotees, regardless of their religion, is a concrete manifestation of devotion and love – the universal tenets of the Krishna Consciousness movement from the east to the west.

The opening of Sri Radha Damodar Temple within a short driving distance from Groton, where America’s largest Sai Temple is located, is a testament to the growing Indian community and the thriving Indian culture in New England. Located in Shrewsbury, nearly 40 miles from Boston, the temple was inaugurated through grand ceremonies spanning four days early in July 2023. Commissioned by the India Heritage Foundation, the two-story Hare Krishna mandir sprawls amidst lush green gardens across nine acres of land.

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Sri Radha Damodar Temple in Massachusetts embodies the beauty and grandeur of Rajasthani architecture. Simple in design and vibrant in color, the temple exudes pinkish hue like the famous monuments in Jaipur, the Pink City. The sanctorum housing the deities – Sri Radha Gobind and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu – is steeped in the blue shades of the horizon where the earth and the sky appear to meet. The exquisite altar consecrated to the deities was crafted in Jaipur. The temple has an expansive hall, a sprawling balcony, and classrooms.

The foundation of New England’s Radha Damodar Temple rests on the spiritual doctrine of Swami Srila Prabhupada, who had established ISKCON in New York City in 1966. He taught Americans bhakti yoga and awakened love for the Supreme in them. One of his many disciples worldwide is Alfred Ford, the scion of Ford Motor Company, who is funding and heading the construction of the world’s largest Vedic temple at the ISKCON headquarters near Kolkata.

Like most other temples in New England, Sri Radha Damodar Temple is conceptualized as an educational, cultural, and spiritual center where devotees learn to live a life of integrity, compassion, and service to humanity. Other than the daily rituals including puja and aarti, devotees can bask in the chanting of Hare Krishna mantra, practice meditation, listen to the reading of holy books, volunteer their time for community welfare services, develop a profound understanding of the Krishna consciousness, and gain spiritual wisdom at the temple.

The temple is one of the few best places in New England where you can spend your Sunday mornings fruitfully. The Sunday Morning program is free and open to all at the new Hare Krishna Temple in Shrewsbury, MA. A spiritual Sunday morning begins with Mangala arati in the wee hours, which is followed by prayers to Lord Narasimha and Tulasi arati. It proceeds to chanting the Hare Krishna mantra for two hours and reciting a verse from the Srimad Bhagavatam.

The temple offers several online programs for adults to facilitate their spiritual awakening. Interestingly, the temple runs a unique program for kids to imbibe India’s Vedic culture and spiritual values.

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