9-Yr-Old Preesha Chakraborty from USA is Adjudged as World’s Brightest Student by Johns Hopkins

The search for exceptional young talent across America often results in a winning moment for Indian-origin prodigies, and in turn, a matter of pride for the vast Indian community. After 4 Indian American kids emerged as the nation’s brightest students in the 2023 Junior Innovators Challenge, 9-year-old Preesha Chakraborty is named one of the world’s brightest students by the prestigious Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY). And her achievement at the start of 2024 rings the bell for yet another remarkable year for America’s Indian-origin kids taking part in various national-level competitions, from STEM to spelling to beauty pageants.

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Preesha Chakraborty now joins the meritorious club of Indian American child prodigies such as Natasha Perianayagam, Samedha Saxena, Aaryaveer Kochhar, Advay Misra, and Vihaan Mane, who have been adjudged as the world’s brightest students by Johns Hopkins in recent years. Her cognitive abilities shined through in the above-grade-level tests such as SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), ACT (American College Testing), and School and College Ability Test (SCAT) conducted as part of the CTY Talent Search 2023. The 3rd grader from Fremont, California, was among the 16,000 students who appeared for the esteemed CTY Test from across 90 countries.

Preesha’s impressive score in the verbal and quantitative sections is on par with the 99th percentile of advanced Grade 5 performances. This catapulted her to the coveted list of brightest students and earned her the Grand Honors distinction, which qualifies her for more than 250 CTY’s online and on-campus summer programs for 2-12 graders in various academic areas such as mathematics, computer programming, chemistry, physics, reading, and writing.

Johns Hopkins recognition adds a grand feather in her tiny cap. Her Indian-origin parents recognized young Preesha’s exceptional learning abilities and encouraged her to take part in various talent tests and competitions, including NNAT (Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test), which became a launchpad for her Mensa Foundation membership.

At the age of 6, the young mastermind made an envious entry into the Mensa Foundation as one of its youngest members. The renowned foundation offers life-time membership for the intellectually gifted who score 98th percentile or higher in an approved intelligence test. Apart from academics, traveling, hiking and mixed martial arts interest Preesha Chakraborty from Fremont.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth identifies promising students and provides a genuine index to their academic potential. Around 30% of students qualify for High Honors or Grand Honors/SET distinction from among tens of thousands of participants every year. The alumni of this renowned organization in the field of education, include Rhodes Scholars, MacArthur Fellows, and the founders of Facebook and Google.

The origin of the Center for Talented Youth dates back to the late 70s when a seventh grader from Baltimore had finished all mathematical lessons one could have at school. It prompted a professor of psychology from Johns Hopkins to design unique grade-based academic assessment programs for talented kids. According to Amy Shelton, CTY’s executive director, recognizing their curiosity and capacity for learning motivates them to pursue their passions, enrich their knowledge, connect with other young scholars, broaden their perspectives and achieve milestones in their respective communities and beyond.

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