Indian-origin Foreign Citizens Must Ensure New Criteria of OCI Card Validity before They Visit India

Recently, the Consulate General of India worldwide released a press release circulating a new update for the Overseas Citizen of India card. The OCI card holders – foreign citizens of Indian origin – are required to comply with the new criteria regarding validity of their OCI cards before they book their travel to India. The new criteria of the OCI card validity came into effect this November 1.

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The OCI card holders within the age bracket of 20 years are required to get their OCI cards reissued each time when their passport is reissued, according to the Consulate General of India. Those above 20 years of age are exempted from ensuring this criterion of validity.

Reissue of the OCI card is not compulsory along with reissue of the passport for those within the age bracket of 21 to 50 years. But they have to carry their old passport which their OCI card was issued on, in order to prove the card validity. They do also have to carry the current passport.

Those above 50 years of age are required to get their OCI cards reissued only once when their passport is renewed after they turn 50. It is also recommended in the Consulate General of India’s press release that the Overseas Citizen of India card holders must always carry the expired passport along with the current/new passport and the OCI card while traveling to India.

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The government of India has also decided to allow the OCI card holders’ investment in the tax-saving national pension scheme (NPS), adding value to the OCI card beyond its primary use as a lifelong visa to India for multiple entries.

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5 thoughts on “Indian-origin Foreign Citizens Must Ensure New Criteria of OCI Card Validity before They Visit India

  1. Pawan

    This is insane. We were sold a fake bill of goods for the $250+ we spent on the OCI when we first applied. It was supposed to replace the need for a visa. Now we have to go back thru the daunting process of uploading docs and paying even more money to the government and CKGS for something that was to be a one time process when first introduced.

  2. Dr Venugopal

    This is not a good move. I applied for the OCI card in New York. We have to wait out on the pavement of the outsourced office and the entire process is so difficult. It’s another way of getting money out of us.

  3. Venkat Subramaniyam

    I agree the demonization was the biggest eye opener. The oci card claims parity with nri but they simply wrote off all the money and most nri did not complain. Granted it is a few hundred dollars but that is not the point here you have to abide by rules and not change goal post to suit your needs

  4. Ovesh Chandra

    Friends, this is our Proud Indian Policies.
    When they brought OCI as you also said in your posts, this supposed to be lifelong. And process of getting any thing done in CGI, New York is horrible. So much paper work, copies etc. and moreover processing fees etc and dealing with 3rd party for the processing. Can’t these people work more as compare to celebrate events in the office, taking all Indian and American holidays off. Just compare the process of getting a passport in USA, what a difference.
    Looks like it will take ages for them to make things simpler for Indians whether it is in India, USA or anywhere else.
    Just my comments.


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