Lufthansa Group Reduces Check-in Baggage Allowance for Economy Flights between India and North America

Travel light or pay for check-in bags on international flights these days. In order to sustain their international operations, airlines are passing on the brunt of sky-high airfares to passengers and coming up with policies to maximize revenue from travel-related services or amenities. One of them being check-in baggage; airlines are curbing the freedom of economy fliers traveling with two free check-in bags in view of the jet fuel price rise and its impact on operating overheads.

If you book Lufthansa flights between India and USA / Canada, you will have to pay for checking-in more than one bag in the economy class. Effective from August 2022, Lufthansa’s check-in baggage policy for economy flights between India and USA / Canada is limited to one bag of up to 23 kg. To be precise, the German carrier will charge economy travelers for a second check-in bag from August 1.

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Picture Credit: Lufthansa

Reportedly, checking-in a second bag of up to 23 kg on Lufthansa’s economy flights between North America and India will cost €200 (US$ 206) if booked in advance or online. It is €250 (US$ 257) if you pay for the additional piece of check-in baggage at the airport. It means now onwards, the cost of flying economy between Canada / USA and India goes up by USD 206 to 260 if you need to check in a second bag for a round trip on Lufthansa.

“Lufthansa’s new check-in baggage allowance for economy flights applies to other airlines in the Lufthansa Group, such as Swiss International Airlines, Brussels Airlines, and Austrian Airlines. However, your travel on any route between India and North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) is not subject to the revised baggage rules if your Lufthansa flight tickets or flights with any other Lufthansa group airline were booked on or before July 31,” said the chief travel economist of Indian Eagle.

Lufthansa’s check-in baggage policy for business class flights between India and USA / Canada remains unchanged. The latest revision of the economy class check-in baggage allowance likens Lufthansa Group airlines to North American carriers including United Airlines, American Airlines, and Air Canada that allow economy class fliers to check in only one bag for free. This gives a competitive edge to Air India’ nonstop flights and the Middle East airlines which are known and preferred for their generous check-in baggage allowance on routes between North American and India.

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