Jet Airways Introduces New Inflight Services: Advance Meal Booking & Onboard Theater Shows

Like Qatar Airways and Cathay Pacific Airways, Jet Airways rang in the New Year 2015 with a couple of new offers for premium passengers. With the new offers added to the list of inflight services, Jet Airways aims to scale up its level of onboard customer service.

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One of the latest offerings for premium passengers is advanced meal booking service. The other one is a new range of Indian films and shows for onboard entertainment. Titled ‘Book Your Meal’, the advanced meal-booking facility is introduced on all international flights operated by Jet Airways. This initiative lets travelers order their preferred meals online in advance. The airline offers myriad varieties of meals including vegetable ones.

Next to food is entertainment, a critical part of inflight service to passengers. With the arrival of 2015, Jet Airways has revised the inflight entertainment content in all travel cabins. The revised schedule includes a series of theatre shows in Hindi with English subtitles. These shows by CinePlay are celluloid adaptations of classic stories from Indian literature and theatre.

Jet Airways does always strive to enhance travelers’ inflight service experience by introducing new facilities, upgrading the inflight service infrastructure and updating the inflight entertainment schedule with new shows, according to the airline’s vice president of commercial.

One of the premiere US to India airlines, Jet Airways’ inflight service on India-bound international flights is influenced by Indian culture. Familiarizing travelers from the USA, Canada and other countries with the richness and diversity of Indian culture is the main purpose of screening the CinePlay shows on board. Indian Americans and NRIs from other countries are given access to special India-oriented entertainment programs, in the air.

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