India’s First Underwater Restaurant in Ahmedabad Serves Food 20 Feet below Ground Level

India got its first underwater restaurant in Ahmedabad. A new attraction on the list of tourist places to visit in Ahmedabad City! Named the Real Poseidon, the underwater restaurant is a must-visit destination for an altogether different dining experience in the city. The first underwater restaurant in Ahmedabad is the latest sensation among the theme-based restaurants across India.

Bharat Bhatt, an Ahmedabad businessman, put India on the list of countries including Singapore, China, Paris, the Maldives, the Philippines, the UAE, and the United States with underwater restaurants. The Real Poseidon operates in the thick of waters 20 feet below the ground level.

The underwater restaurant in Ahmedabad can accommodate 32 diners at a time, in a tunnel-shaped hall of 1200 square feet, which is surrounded by a colossal aquarium containing 1,50, 000 liters of water. The aquarium contains 4000 different species of fish adding to the amazement of dining at the Real Poseidon. It creates a colorful view to marvel at.

Visitors or foodies need not dive into the restaurant. A staircase leads to the dining hall. While the ambience marvels, the food mesmerizes at the Real Poseidon Underwater Restaurant in Ahmedabad. The restaurant serves an exclusive menu of vegetarian dishes from the Indian, Chinese, Thai and Mexican cuisines. It has its own signature dishes too.

With a different menu on the table every day, there is no room to get bored of the restaurant. If the Monday menu offers paneer butter masala, the Tuesday menu stands out with paneer toofani, the Wednesday menu distinguishes itself with paneer tikka angara, and the Thursday menu tantalizes taste buds with angoori kofta. Each of seven days sees a different kaleidoscope of dishes from four different cuisines at the Real Poseidon.

The first underwater restaurant in Ahmedabad accepts booking requests over the phone and online at the website Booking should be made 3 days in advance. It offers 50% refund against cancellation requested and done two days before the confirmed date of reservation for dining. No cancellation request is entertained just a day before.

Evidently the culinary landscape of India turned over a new leaf with the first underwater restaurant in Ahmedabad.

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