Meet Who’s Who of Jaipur Literature Festival 2014

Jaipur Literature Festival is the festival of those whose pens are mightier than swords. The largest literary fest in Asia, it is the meeting point of the crème de la crème from such niches as literature, journalism, academics, and publishing, at Diggi Palace in the Pink City. Since its inception in the year 2006, the event has reached out to the best talents and the most creative minds across the globe. With the 7th session in 2014, the festival is all set to touch a new height.

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Scheduled to continue from January 17 – 21, Jaipur Literature Festival is as holy as the sites of pilgrimage in India, to the devotees of literature, the fans of acclaimed authors, and creative writing aspirants. As in previous years, Pulitzer Prize winners, nominees for Man Booker Prize 2013, and noted academicians from some of the prestigious universities will be the face of the festival 2014. With an engaging ambience due to debates, discussions, workshops and concerts, Jaipur Literature Festival will remain a powerhouse of thoughts, ideas and creativity for 5 days.

There is a curiosity about the who’s who for the 7th edition of the festival among the literature buffs. It is the speakers among the invited authors, activists, journalists and academicians, who add stars to the event and steal the show. The festival rocks with their enlightening speeches on different topics such as survival of regional languages, extinction of tribal languages, the changing art of writing stories, the evolving art of screenwriting, adaptation of creative writing for the celluloid, women’s power of writing, Bollywood’s evolution, and likes.

Here is the list of who’s who for Jaipur Literature Festival 2014

Jhumpa Lahiri – a Pulitzer Prize winning Indian American author
Antony Beevor – a leading military historian with two non-fiction awards
Ganesh N. Devy – a diehard tribal activist and fellow of Jawaharlal Nehru
Amish Tripathi – the acclaimed author of The Immortals of Meluha
Irrfan Khan – a National Film Award winning Bollywood actor
Gloria Steinem – a leading fighter for the cause of women
Geoff Dyer – an award winning novelist and literary critic
Mary Kom – the Olympic Bronze Medal winning boxer
Amartya Sen – a Noble Award winning economist and author
Samantha Shannon – a young writer and the next to JK Rowling
Robyn Davidson – an Australian travel writer and author of “Tracks”
Sabrina Dhawan – a screenwriter and professor at New York University

The galaxy of glitterati to grace the festival 2014 includes Geetanjali Shree, Mahesh Dattani, Narendra Kohli, Jerry Pinto, Vaidehi, Lily Wangchhuk, David Cannadine, Rana Mitter, Rupert Everett, Mary Beard and Maya Jasanoff. Namita Gokhale, Co-director of the festival, states that Jaipur Literature Festival is a celebration of creativity in different forms through the prism of global literature. The festival fetched a crowd of 180,000 visitors last year.

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