10 Air Travel Etiquette Rules: Do’s and Don’ts for Flying with Decency

In the history of aviation, Air India was, perhaps, the first and only airline to hand over an illustrated booklet called ‘Better Acquainted’ on the do’s and don’ts of flying to first-time travelers during the ‘JRD Tata’ era. 60 years down the line from then, flying with dignity has almost ceased to exist. Airlines’ no-fly lists of disruptive passengers are getting longer these days. Reclining seats carelessly, spilling drinks, hogging armrests, intruding a co-passenger’s privacy, picking a fight with the cabin crew over petty issues…. are common nuances in the sky these days.

Indian Eagle, the leading travel-booking partner for Indian Diaspora, shares this infographic as a gentle reminder of 10 air travel etiquette rules that can go a long way in ensuring pleasant international flights for you and your fellow passengers.

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